Before you quit your job and start searching for home business opportunities as a crafter, there are few things that you need to have in place. This post is aimed at craft bloggers but really, if you want to start , 8 of these items will be relevant to you. is the ultimate dream for many people. It’s my passion to try and help women release themselves from the rat race where they are miserable; your happiness is always going to be worth the risk.


When I was growing up, I remember my dad leaving the house at 6 am to sit in a car for an hour, not getting home until after 5 pm, and he didn’t enjoy his job. Back then I couldn’t understand it and part of me now still can’t. Quitting a job you hate is especially pertinent when we live in the age of the internet where opportunities are bountiful you can earn great money working as a freelancer or full-time blogger. So, we got on Amazon, we did everything below and we got to work!


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So You’re Searching For Home Business Opportunities

Or at least, you want to start working from home

The 10 Things You Should Have In Place Before You Start
1. A plan of attack and a blog planner notebook or printable


Your plan is going to have to cover what you are going to do. Are you going to have a blog? Read this post about why you should be blogging in 2017, then check out this post that teaches you how to choose hosting + how to set up your blog in less than 5 minutes with a video tutorial.


  • How much money do you want to make?
  • How do you plan to make it?
  • What content are you going to produce?
  • Are you going to be a freelance writer?
  • Are you going to search forums for opportunities?
  • Will you use all social media networks?
  • There are a lot of questions you will need to find answers to.


To find out how to write a plan + a free template, check out the amazing post and downloads by Allison from Wonderlass.




In case you don’t earn money immediately. It’s smart to have savings + 3 months of outgoings as an emergency fund. At this time, you might want to figure out what your monthly outgoings are and try to reduce them as much as possible. It could be a good idea to start a budget for you and your family.


For advice on setting up a budget, check out From Pennies To Pounds.


3. A good computer



You might already have a computer, which is fine. It had become apparent to me recently that it was a fantastic idea to double the storage in my ✅ MacBook Pro when I bought it. My husband is also working from home now, and he owns a good computer, a ✅ MacBook air, but it keeps freezing. Every night he becomes furious because there might have been one too many tabs open and it slows down the entire operation for up to two hours.


Having a good quality ✅ MacBook Pro has been essential for being able to deal with the daily running of two blogs.

4. Having a good internet connection is essential


I know that it isn’t always possible to have good internet connections, depending on where you live. I’m very lucky that I live in the city and my internet connection is lightning fast because we have fibre broadband and my husband spent over £100 on a  fancy router (✅ this exact router). When I visit my parents in the countryside, the speed at which I’m able to work is affected dramatically, not to mention the intense frustration that goes along with it. Especially when the signal continues to drop in and out.



✅ Top 3 Wireless Routers For 2017 According To Tech Experts, TechRadar 

1.Google Wifi you can get crazy deals on these items thanks to all the Amazon Prime Day Deals
2.Netgear Orbi
3.Synology RT2600ac


Compare The Top 3 Routers Here


5.A home office space where you can write


Having a space in your home where you can work is an essential. You can work at your dining room table, or at a bench in the laundry room. As long as it isn’t in the same room where you relax. Having boundaries is important. Here is a picture of my home office; fully equipped with an old iMac and gigantic magnetic whiteboard to keep me organised.



6. Space where you can be online; that is NOT work related


Having space where you can relax is essential to keeping your sanity. You don’t want to be working all of the time and if you relax where you work and vice versa, your brain is never going to be able to fully ‘switch off’.


“Inadequate psychological recovery, or poor disengagement from work, is associated with a range of health problems including cardiovascular disease, fatigue, negative mood and sleep disturbance,” explains Professor Mark Cropley from the University of Surrey who specialises in health and stress.


Looking after yourself is essential if you . It’s easy to think that you should be working all of the hours that you are sent but that is WRONG. That is one guaranteed way to burn out and want to quit.


Read this excellent post by Miss Wanderness, teaching you how to reset your mind and body.


7.Ground Rules


Making sure that you are getting enough sleep should be part of your ground rule strategy. For me, stop work at 8 pm and have a bath every other night and relax. Setting ground rules can also be an essential part of keeping yourself sane.


Have you been searching for work at home jobs? You should have at least a few of these things before you work at home full time, of course you can still search for work at home ideas & home business opportunities. It is possible to make money from home if you’re smart about it. You can find out how to do that on the blog too.


8.A Camera (if you’re a craft/beauty/interiors/fashion or lifestyle blogger)


A good camera is essential if you are a craft blogger. I use a Canon 40D (it’s ten years old) and today’s equivalent would be the Canon 70D (see specs and info here). The newest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S7’s have incredible cameras so while you might not want to invest in a DSLR, it’s recommended.



✅ Top 5 Entry Level DSLRS For 2017 According To Tech Experts at TechRadar

1. Nikon D3300
2. Canon EOS Rebel T6i / EOS 750D
3. Nikon D3400
4. Nikon D5600
5. Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D


✅ It’s also advised that you purchase some of these white poster boards to use as reflectors. Again, you will find some crazy discounts and deals thanks to Amazon Prime day (more than Black Friday)



This image from Creature Comforts is how I take photos for my craft blog at heart handmade UKBrit Co has an excellent post about ten tabletop photography tips that everyone should know.


If taking photos against a window, you might also want to use duct tape to tape some white material like this to the window frame if there’s bright sunshine, to diffuse the light.


9.A Good Quality Tripod For Bloggers:


Having a ✅ great quality tripod like this is essential if you’re a craft blogger. There are times that it’s necessary to use a very wide aperture or low shutter speed which can result in very blurry photographs. The only way to combat that is with a tripod and a remote that is specifically for your camera model. I used to sell these bad boys (along with cameras) for a living so I know my onions. For years I felt that I couldn’t justify the purchase of a Manfrotto tripod and was using a £30 lightweight tripod like this one. The problem was that it was too light and my camera was quite heavy.

When I started shooting flat lay style photographs I ended up purchasing a special tripod arm made by Manfrotto that attaches to any tripod, known as a Lateral Side Arm. As soon as I attached my camera to it, the whole thing wanted to fall over. So I bit the bullet and I am so happy that I did. It’s a really sturdy tripod and worth every penny that I paid for it.

It’s also possible to get a little mount like this for the top of your tripod that will hold your smartphone.



✅ The Top 3 Tripods For 2017 According To The Pro’s at ExpertReviews

1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100
2.Velbon Sherpa 200R with PH-157Q head: The best budget tripod
3.Manfrotto MT057C4 057: The best tripod for DSLRs


Do you want to become a pro blogger/work at home mum? There are 10 things you should have in place before you take the leap, while you read the post grab the free printable blog planner 2017 including social media planner. Check out a pro blogger home office ideas for your work at home space. It’s entirely possible to make money at home by selling crafts or even as a pro craft blogger. Grab your planner and find out all the things you should have in place before starting your work at home jobs. #workfromhome #makemoney #makemoneyonline


10.Willingness to learn new things (like how to manage your time and productivity like a flipping boss)


Being set in your ways will not help you when it comes to earning a living from home. There’s a chance that your ways aren’t making enough money for you to live, so you will have to tweak and adjust. It’s all about always learning and adapting to new trends, new ways of doing things and improving your business education is an essential. You might want to check out this post: Improve Your Business Education With These Secret Tips


When you have all of these things in place, (you may have some of them already), you will be good to go. You can even start your blog as a side hustle while you work and build up your savings and emergency fund.

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Have you been searching for work at home jobs? You should have at least a few of these things before you work at home full time, of course you can still search for work at home ideas & home business opportunities. It is possible to make money from home if you’re smart about it. You can find out how to do that on the blog too.


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