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You get theoretical advice and promises from new bloggers who have had miraculous success. Have they worked for you?  No. Despite the good intentions of those new bloggers, they’re inexperienced and don’t fully understand what they’re sharing and why it worked.

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About Me, My Medical Conditions and Revel In The Fact I’m Able To Run Two Blogs In Under 20 Hours A Week:

Wondering how you can make some extra cash from your hobby or even turn it into your job?! Who wouldn’t want to do what they love as their job?I freakin’ love it! Obvs!Well, if that’s the case I have some good news for you, you have cometo the right place! You can do it and I want to help. I want to offer you some advice, a little bit of help and as much support as you need to get your craft blog off the ground. This isn’t a free ride though, I want you to get involved and help each other too.You might know me as Claire from Heart Handmade UK if you don’t then let me fill you in. I started Heart Handmade UK in 2010 as a hobby, mostly a place to share things that I found online and somewhere to share some of the projects that I was working on.Over the past couples of years, I started to share a few posts on blogging and how to do it. I wanted to share some of my experience with my community and was surprised at how many questions folks had!I began to think that it would be super handy if there was somewhere on the internet where craft bloggers could come together, ask for advice, help each other out or pick up some grade-a resources and so Start a Craft Blog (now ClarityAvenue) was born.Back then though…. just after I got sick…Heart Handmade UK gave me something to focus on. It was something that could keep me sane(ish) but also be done from bed. Way back in 2009, when I was finishing my degree in Visual Imagery and working full time I became very ill with a severe infection for a few weeks in April. I returned to work in early May and remember that I started to feel a bit different.Strange sensations would consume me, and altogether I felt rather odd. A sick feeling. A rush of heat. As my brain would try to engage, I could just hear my name in the distance, over and over again.That’s my boss.“Why am I dreaming about my boss?”“Wait. I’m not dreaming.”I could feel the bright light penetrating my eyelids and searing pain on the back of my head.“Ah, crap. I’ve fainted in work. You idiot you should be resting.”But I hadn’t fainted. It was a seizure, and I hit my head in the stock room of our little camera store. An ambulance was called, and I spent the next few hours in the hospital.My friend from work was very pleased to be released from work for an hour or two before my family could make the journey up to the city to take care of me. I was given the once over and had some tests ordered, and I was given the all clear.“Eh. Wha? Does that happen normally?” I was told to see my GP, and that was it. That had happened four or five times before my manager at work told me not to return until I was fixed. I saw my GP who ordered tests, tests, and more tests. After seeing a neurologist, I was told I need an MRI for my brain. That was terrifying and the waiting time was six weeks. My parents dipped into their savings, and we got a private appointment. Much panic ensued for a few days, but thankfully it was also clear. At the same time, my tolerance for people and expending energy depleted rapidly, and I became confined to my bed.  For a very long time. My brain was still active for about half an hour a day, almost. Then it was like the sleepy fog would fill my head and I was unable to do anything. At times I was too tired to eat, even if my food had been cut up for me. I just didn’t have the energy to chew.There were times and are still times when my body is so exhausted that I can’t speak, but I can still type. It was at that time I became addicted to Flickr, the Pinterest of its day. I had always loved photography and the process of keeping an artistic style journal.Adding my photos to groups and connecting with people gave me the inspiration to blog but at the time I had no idea what to blog about. I took a blogging course, and Heart Handmade was born in March 2010.Of course, blogging has changed a lot over eight years, and we are in a new era (which I will cover later on). I loved blogging. It was something I could do from bed without having to exert much energy.For the first seven years, it had been purely a hobby because there was no guarantee I would be able to keep up and create something wonderful. Over the years, I saw specialist after specialist, and it took about 14 months before I was given a diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalitis. M.E for short.Eight years on, after seeing a new specialist and having more tests I was told it had been a misdiagnosis and I was suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.“EDS-hyper-mobile type (EDS-HT), also known as hyper mobile EDS or EDS type III, is often thought to be the same as or very similar to another condition called ‘Joint hyper mobility syndrome’.People with EDS-HT may have:• joint hyper-mobility• loose, unstable joints that dislocate easily• joint pain and clicking joints• extreme tiredness (fatigue)• skin that bruises easily• digestive problems, such as heartburn and IBS• dizziness and an increased heart rate after standing up• problems with internal organs, such as mitral valve prolapse or organ prolapse”Fun times right?!Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy with my calm life. When I received the first diagnosis of M.E the doctors told me “you’ll have it one year and you will be able to get better”.The next year I heard “some people have it for two years”.Then I did my own research. I read that people can have M.E for decades and I decided to do everything I possibly could to get better. That meant drinking smoothies that looked like swamp water, full of all the nutrients possible. I became vegan, which alleviated some symptoms and definitely helped. Small amounts of physio that I could manage without too much pain. I kept telling myself that “by 2016 you will be totally fine, and you can become a pro blogger!”.Fast forward to 2016, and I saw more specialists and told me that I would have this condition forever. For now at least. Until medical research catches up and figures out how to cure me.It was at that moment that Mindy Kaling was ringing in my ears with her famous quote:“Why the f*&k not me?”Luckily my GP is fantastic and has done everything in her power to give me a great quality of life. My family are also marvellous and I have a lot of support around me. I’m also incredibly lucky that my now husband is the best carer in the entire world. He deserves an award for coping with me! I take medication every day, and at the moment everything is harmonious, and because I’m a bit of a Type A personality, I’m super organised. Being super organised and motivated is enough for me to keep showing up and getting stuff done.“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” —James N. Watkins. My message to you is, if I can do it while suffering from all that crap and more…You can do it.So, you don’t have a blog yet?

Do you want your information from an EXPERIENCED blogger who is getting 150,000 page views on her craft blog every month? And has been blogging for 10 long years?!


My name is Claire and I’ve helped thousands of brand new bloggers build their blogs and monetize like superstars. Unlike others sharing monetization tips based on a one-time or one-niche experience, I’ve worked with bloggers with a varied amount of niche(s) and have seen first-hand what it takes to find success as a blogger.

On top of that, I’ve monetized countless blogs myself having been content marketer for almost 10 years now.

I would love to be your blog guru and guiding light! First I must share the truth about blogging for profits.

Blogging CAN be profitable! But you need to know exactly what you need to do to make it profitable. You need several income streams and strategies in place, if you want to do something similar then I’m your gal. I can help you.


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If you need help getting organised, creating a plan of action or strategy, I will be more than happy help you out.