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If you’ve ever tried to learn about blogging for profit, and you’re still not seeing results, you are not alone.

You create incredible, high-quality content, you want to monetize your website in an honest way. But… Every time you try to learn more about it, all you read is the same shit hashed over thousands of times. 

You get theoretical advice and promises from new bloggers who have had miraculous success. Have they worked for you?  No. Despite the good intentions of those new bloggers, they’re inexperienced and don’t fully understand what they’re sharing and why it worked.


Do you want your information from an EXPERIENCED blogger who is getting 150,000 page views on her craft blog every month? And has been blogging for 10 long years?!


My name is Claire and I’ve helped thousands of brand new bloggers build their blogs and monetize like superstars. Unlike others sharing monetization tips based on a one-time or one-niche experience, I’ve worked with bloggers with a varied amount of niche(s) and have seen first-hand what it takes to find success as a blogger.


On top of that, I’ve monetized countless blogs myself having been content marketer for almost 10 years now.


I would love to be your blog guru and guiding light! First I must share the truth about blogging for profits.


Blogging CAN be profitable! But you need to know exactly what you need to do to make it profitable. You need several income streams and strategies in place, if you want to do something similar then I’m your gal. I can help you.

Let’s get started!


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