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Adsense alternatives should be top of your list if you’re only making a couple of hundred dollars each month from your blog ads! I’ve been aware of bloggers making money through Google Adsense since 2007 when I was on my work placement year at college. Since that time, my dream was to become a pro blogger, although I put it down to being a pipe dream. Like many people.

It blew my mind when I discovered that people were able to make a full-time income from Google Adsense and that was always what I wanted to do. It seemed to be genuinely passive income.

AdSense Alternatives & Ad Income… Truly Passive Income?

Of course, we know it isn’t genuinely passive income as you have to do all of the hard work to get traffic to your website. However, it is entirely possible to magnify your contextual advertising income whether you use Adsense and other advertising programs to ensure that ads are always displayed on your site.

Whether you’ve been kicked off the Adsense program, can’t get approved or merely want to increase your income by using more than one ad network, this list going to help you immensely.

The 10 Adsense Alternatives:

1. are the contextual ad network that I have experience with, and I’ve been more than happy with the service. reaches more than 100 million desktop users in the US alone.


AdSterra can show ads that are entirely suited to your audience down to their location and the user’s previous advertising results due to the insanely fancy technology that they use.

An excellent reason to choose AdSterra is that they are partnered with GeoEdge, who are “the Vanguard of Ad Security & Verification” for mobile users which ensure that the ads are secure for your users.

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3. AdBuff

AdBuff is another CPM based network and offers higher Fill Rates as compared to other ad networks like Popcash, PopAds, and AdSterra.

Like most accounts, they have a dashboard, but the main difference is that the AdBuff dashboard gets updated every second.

4. Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is an extensive ad network that offers pop-under ads, banner ads, and in-banner video ads.

They have a high fill rate for countries other than the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

5. PopAds

“We are the highest and fastest paying ad network on the market specialised in popunders.”

With PopAds you can choose the minimum price of a single pop-under advert, and you can limit the number of pop-unders shown to a unique website visitor in one day. You can also refuse to accept pop-under adverts with sound or video that are infuriating.

6. Sovrn formerly Lijit

Sovrn ads use RPM’s (Revenue per 1000 impressions) instead of CPM (Cost per impression) like Google AdSense. The CPMs and fill rates for US users can be as high as $2 with a floor of $0.50. They accept people from the UK and Canada, but the fill rates won’t be as high.

My ad manager at Sovrn was more than happy to limit video ads and anything with a sound that can infuriate your reader. That was great news because it meant I had more control over what was being shown.

7. Adversal

Like Monumetric, Adversal pay for each raw impression and not per visitor which means that there’s more money for you. Adversal has pretty decent CPM rates (higher payout per 1000 views). They also use a fancy code that allows their ads not to be blocked by ad blockers. Sweet right?

You can get paid when you reach $20 in your account, via Paypal, Bank transfer or cheque.

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8. Monumetric

Monumetric is a company built for bloggers by bloggers. Their ads are Pay per view and not Pay per click, so the payouts can potentially be huge.

They pay bi-monthly, but your earnings are spread out over several months.

If you earn $300 in your first month, you may receive $80 as your first payment. Then, $40 as your second payment and so on. I currently use Monumetric on my craft blog, but I plan on making the switch soon.

The minimum page views required are 100,000 monthly. Don’t have that many page views? Then, you will have to pay an $80 fee to have them set up on your blog.

9. Info Links

Info Links can extract user intent in real-time. They run keyword-based real-time bidding auctions, which means they can deliver a perfectly timed, relevant advert to your audience.


10. Chitika

Chitika is an online network that has more than 350,000+ publishers. Their top-tier advertising partners are companies like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor. Chitika targets their ads. They work best if the majority of your site traffic comes from Search Engines and not Social Media.

The minimum payout with Chitika is $10.


New To Blogging Or Still On A Free Platform?

If you are new to blogging, it’s best to ensure that your blog is self-hosted and have at least some traffic heading to your website.

For more information on setting up a self-hosted blog, please read The Only Guide You Need To Read Before Starting Your Blog.

Essential Info If You Want To Triple Your Ad Income In 30 Days Using Adsense Alternatives:

It’s possible to use a combination of these ad networks to ensure your ads are always on display! Although, it’s essential that you read the TOC’s to ensure you aren’t violating the Terms Of Service.

To do this, you must create a ‘waterfall’. In each ad network, there will be a small space to ad code for ‘back up’ ads.

For example, if you have adsense, you will;

  • create an ad unit
  • copy the code and then
  • go to your first choice network and paste that code into the section allocated for ‘back up’ ads

Good luck with your monetisation efforts!

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did you know you could use many of these adsense alternatives together to make the most money possible from your blog? Triple your ad income in 30 days! It IS possible! Click through to read how #adsense #ads #adsensealternatives #bloggingtips #beginnerblogging #blogger