Handmade products have become a popular type of goods. People buy them for different occasions: for a wedding ceremony, St. Valentine’s Day or a birthday. One of the greatest issues that handmade masters come across is how to promote the exclusive items they produce. It is advisable to take into account the advantages of e-commerce and open an online shop, using the Best Shopify Themes For Handmade Businesses.

It is not so difficult to create a handmade Shopify site, as it may seem at first sight. Especially if you have a crazy simple tutorial explaining all the details. You will find out how to set up your online shop to make it successful.

Responsive shopify themes

Best Shopify Themes To Skyrocket Your Handmade Business

Let us have a closer look at the best Shopify themes designed especially for handmade businesses.


Of course, you will need a Shopify store but if you don’t have one, you can start a free 14 day trial here.

Lorenza fashion accessories shopify theme

Lorenza Fashion Accessories Shopify Theme

The Lorenza is an effective solution to create a Shopify website for handmade business. It is especially suitable for boutique retailers dealing with leather goods, different types of accessories, or clothing. It is equipped with useful features to make your website functional and attractive to the clients.

  • You may upload large product images to demonstrate the goods in the best possible way and from different perspectives.
  • There is a product filtering option. Thus, your clients will be able to sort the products either by type or by other categories.
  • Lorenza has a mobile-friendly design. It will be convenient for your customers to choose the necessary items and order them using their smartphones.
Apparelix fashion ecommerce shopify theme

Apparelix Fashion eCommerce Theme

Creating different collections of clothes is a time-consuming process. However, it is worth it. If you have questions on how to start a clothing line, here is a detailed answer from an experienced designer. The main issue is to announce the release of a new collection properly. Apparelix may become an excellent option to do this. You may try it out as a free Shopify theme and then purchase a full version if you need it. Still, even the free version has something useful in store for you:

  • a bright and clean design to attract people to the shop;
  • the Shopify visual builder to create the layout you want;
  • four drag-and-drop sections, among which you will find banners, sliders, featured products, and the newsletter;
  • one header, footer variation, and product page layout.

What is more, the free version is also responsive. Thus, it will work perfectly well on various devices. 

Chantilly shopify theme

Best Shopify Themes; Chantilly

Sometimes handmade masters cooperate to open one shop and promote different types of items. If you need to advertise a large number of products at the same time, use Chantilly to build a handmade Shopify site. The theme is made precisely for this purpose.

  • The long-form design of the homepage allows for demonstrating different items and other content. Moreover, the homepage consists of content sections that you may customize, as you wish.
  • Due to the Slideshow feature, you may display a variety of products or brands on the homepage.
  • There is an integrated Quick buy option. Thus, people do not have to leave their current page to add the item to the cart. 
Classy Gift Shopify Theme


Giving presents on different occasions is a good tradition observed all over the world. Time changes, and now more people prefer choosing handmade gifts for their relatives and friends. So, it is worth thinking about advertising your goods by opening an online gift shop. Have a look at Classygift, which is a free Shopify theme. Using it, you will build an remarkable online shop with the proper atmosphere.

  • The theme has a similar design. It comes in soft colors.
  • Besides the homepage, you may take advantage of the premade Catalog and Sale pages.
  • Due to the multi-currency extension, you will be able to accept digital payments from different countries.
Best shopify theme for Toy store

Toy Shopify Theme

One more handmade business idea is to make toys. People of all ages like them and, of course, give priority to the handmade ones. There is a functional Shopify theme specially designed to promote this product. Toys is a free Shopify theme that is clean and mobile-friendly. It is minimal but contains all the necessary features to showcase toys from different perspectives.

  • The Product Image Zoom feature makes it possible for your clients to see the offered items closer.
  • It is possible to apply image animations to brand images and goods.
  • You may recommend selecting the definite items by displaying them on product pages, using the Product Recommendations feature.
best shopify themes for jewelry

Shtuki Chic Jewelry eCommerce Theme

When you advertise your handmade products, the design of the online shop should be in line with the design of your goods. It especially matters if you make jewellery. A fashionable shop is for stylish products and no other way.

Shtuki is a premium Shopify theme with corresponding design and superb functionality.

  • The theme offers a homepage with a wide choice of ready-made sections. Among them, you will find Featured Products, Collection List, Products Carousel, Slideshow, Instagram Feed, and many others. Select the necessary ones and customize them, as you want.
  • Using the Shopify Visual Builder, feel free to rearrange the given sections, add or remove something.
  • Other features include the Product Quick View option, Sorting options, Ajax Cart, and many more benefits to add to the website.
best shopify themes for fashion accessories and apparel

Betty Fashion Accessories Shopify Theme

Sometimes stylish products of high quality may remain unnoticed because of improper positioning and promotion. It is important to catch people’s attention the very moment they get access to your website. Using fullscreen imagery may increase your chances of success. Such an option is one of the key features you will find in Betty theme. 

  • This is a premium Shopify theme with drop-down navigation support and free stock photos.
  • Betty is perfect for online shops that offer a small number of exclusive items.
  • It is possible to add a YouTube or Vimeo video to the homepage, making it more attractive for potential customers. 
  • Ensure a pleasant navigation experience for clients due to the multi-level menu and sticky navigation.
Simple jewelry shopify theme

Nokshi Jewelry eCommerce Store Theme

The Nokshi is a Handmade & Craft Shopify theme. Using it, you will create an effective website to advertise your products. The following features will make the process of creating the shop enjoyable:

  • four variants of the homepage to choose the best one for your items;
  • layouts for other pages, such as Product details, Blog page, etc;
  • banners to promote your goods;
  • sliders to display various items to attract more attention to them;
  • multiple currency options to show the price in different currencies and accept the corresponding payments, as well. 

This premium Shopify theme includes other features, for example, Newsletter popup, Wishlist, Google Analytics. Moreover, it is SEO-optimized and cross-browser compatible.

San Francisco Minimalist shopify theme

San Francisco Minimalist Shopify Theme

If you want to draw people’s attention to your handmade items or your brand, have a look at San Francisco. This theme allows you to play with full-width imagery to showcase your products. Moreover, it offers the following:

  • Collection SideBar to place some specific information about one or another collection of items;
  • Marketing Popup to display important messages to the clients;
  • color swatches to show the product colors for people to select;
  • FAQ page to share the answers to the questions that people may be interested in.

What is more, you will benefit from free theme updates and a mobile-friendly design.

Home decor ecommerce theme

Home Decor eCommerce Shopify Theme 

Making home decor products is becoming more and more popular. Candles, baskets, beanbag chairs – one may continue the list of items that belong to this category. There is an awesome Home Decor Responsive Shopify Theme that will help you to promote such goods successfully.

  • It contains a homepage with a variety of sections. Image with text or image with text overlay? Gallery or slideshow? Select the necessary ones and customize the homepage, as you want it to look.
  • There is the Sorting Options feature that is very convenient for shoppers. They may choose how to view the items: in a grid or in a list, in alphabetical order or randomly.
  • The Search Form will help your clients find the necessary product in a few seconds.
Minimalist shopify theme

Copenhagen Minimalist Shopify Theme

The Copenhagen is a premium Shopify theme with a clean style and mobile-first design. The theme may be used for regular advertising campaigns.

  • It comes with a promotional banner to take advantage of. Using it, you may announce a sale or special offer just at the top of the homepage.
  • The Product Image Zoom feature lets your clients have a closer look at the products you demonstrate.
  • The Marketing Popup makes it possible to share information about some discounts or new items for sale.
  • The Slideshow feature offers a great opportunity to demonstrate product images on the homepage.
Made With Love shopify theme

Made with Love

All the handmade items are usually made with love for the clients. Let them feel this by creating an online shop with Made with Love. This is the Hobbies & Crafts Creative Shopify theme designed to build an original handmade store.

  • There is the Shopify Visual Builder to create the required layouts for your shop.
  • The theme comes with a pre-made version of the homepage for the shop. However, you may customize it and either add or remove the sections you don’t need.
  • You may use the advantage of the social options integrated into the theme. So, you will be able to share information about interesting items from your shop on the most popular social networks.
  • If you have a brick and mortar shop, it is possible to indicate the location, using the Google map feature.


Thus, here is a short description of functional themes suitable for a handmade Shopify site. Take a closer look at them to examine all the features offered in the package. Besides producing the goods and building an attractive online shop, using one of the handmade Shopify themes, one should also think about marketing.

There is pleasant news for all handmade masters. It is possible to market your business on a budget. Study these useful tips and let your handmade business be profitable and bring you joy and a good return.

The best shopify themes for a handmade business - fully responsive