Let me guess – you clicked through to read this post because:

  • Your blogger marketing tactics are a lot to be desired.
  • There must be a ‘secret’ about being successful on Pinterest, and it’s been hiding from you all along. 
  • You are ticking all the Pinterest boxes, but you don’t get the crazy traffic other bloggers report?
  • OR, you are curious to see how you can implement any changes to give your traffic the much-deserved boost it needs?!

Got you – been there…felt like that…ranted in the same manner.

For this post, I approached six bloggers (+me), in different stages of their Pinterest strategy and posted specific questions to them and now. I am sharing their replies in the first of a series on Bloggers Marketing 101.

Their insight is so valuable, and if you implement all of these, Pinterest will work for you – no more ‘secrets’!

So, if you’ve been searching for things like ‘how to increase traffic for blog’ or ‘marketing bloggers’ to help you increase your traffic, you’re in the right place! Blogger traffic isn’t as hard to get as you might think.

Bloggers Marketing 101 | Not So Secret Pinterest Advice

First, let me introduce our panel:

Paul Scrivens (aka Scrivs)

He is a ‘serial’ blogger. He has 18+ active blogs.

Why? Because he believes, to teach you about blogging in different niches, he should pretty much know what he is talking about!

With that amount of blogs, he has tweaked Pinterest to perfection.

Paul runs Billionaire Blog Club which is the ultimate membership site if you really want to learn some in-depth Bloggers Marketing 101!


Claire Donovan-Blackwood

Our host blogger, and also blogging at the lovely Heart Handmade UK.

Claire offers deluxe Pinterest marketing services and you can steal her entire Pinterest strategy which gains her 10 million profile views each month and gets hundreds of thousands of page views on her blog.


Suzi Whitford

is a brave young mama to three beautiful little kids, wife to an amazing husband and the creator behind startamomblog.com.

A profitable blogger who built her blog during naptimes!


Sasha Duffy, is a Math Teacher by day, Parenting Blogger by night!

In the Slack community of Billionaire Blog Club, Sasha is the Pinterest lifeline if Scrivs is not around. http://www.lifescarousel.com


Marybeth Santos has been blogging since 2013

But she will confess to ‘not-knowing-what-she-was-doing, until August 2017.

She completely changed tactics, and her results are remarkable. Marybeth ‘pays it forward’ by assisting new bloggers with her valuable experience and not negotiable ‘Launch-date’ list.

Blogger at lifestyleforreallife.


Kate Ahl is a Pinterest marketing manager and blogger

She has been offering her Pinterest services for the past few years and was an obvious candidate for today’s panel!

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How many Pinterest followers do you have and what is your average daily page views?

Scrivs – (Oh my…of how many blogs?!)

“My highest account has just over 7,000 followers. Nothing to write home about but the site does 400,000+ page views a month, so I’ve never put too much emphasis on the number of followers I have.”

Did you read that?

7000 followers = 400 000 page views?!
Daily pageviews – 12 000 to 15 000

Why is his following so big?

Because, he blogs in one of the most profitable niches around. Meaning that millions of people are searching for that type of content daily.

It’s important that you can discern an insanely popular niche to one that isn’t so popular and not get disheartened.

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – Tom Hiller


“I have 2 Pinterest profiles. My main profile has 674 followers, and my secondary (back-up) profile has 218 followers. I’ve never really worked that hard to get followers, as the new Pinterest algorithms don’t put as much importance on it as they used to.
In March I had an average of 3,630 page views a day.”

If we combine Sasha’s followers, she has 882, with approximately 112 530 page views for the month.

“It’s insanely important that you realise now that as of March 2018, Pinterest puts a lot of importance on followers, so you may want to start building a targeted follower base.” – Claire


Has 1793 followers, and has averaged 1678 daily page views over the last thirty days.
Her page views are over 50 000 per month!


I have 22k followers but only receive an average of 1027 page views per month. My traffic increased dramatically since the end of January 2018 – at that time, I only averaged about 150 visitors a day.

22k followers – 30 000 page views per month. Compared to the above, there is much room for improvement.

CONCLUSION: Amount of Followers do not equal page views.
SOLUTION: Create content that your audience wants and engages with.
ACTION: Check your Pinterest analytics to see WHAT your audience likes and produce similar content.

How many referrals do you get from Pinterest per day (number or percentage)?


For this account, I’d say Pinterest is about 50-60% of the traffic.


73% of my traffic in March came from Pinterest. That was about 82,400 page views. I don’t actively promote on any other social media platforms, although I do work hard on SEO.


Yesterday I had 697 page views from Pinterest, which was 58% of my traffic for the day.


Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I aim to increase my traffic and then to concentrate on another platform. 74% – 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

CONCLUSION: Pinterest loves content creators and while we are producing fresh content, they will continue to promote it (provided, it complies with all their requirements).
SOLUTION: Pinterest is a free and easy platform to master and to assist you in growing your blog. For best results, always ensure that you have a solid Pinterest strategy and follow good SEO practices.
ACTION:Don’t get caught up in the manual or scheduled pinning argument – do one or do both. Pinterest won’t penalize you if you schedule, they just want you to be consistent. Also, don’t spend nights awake because you are not sure how many pins to pin.

You want people to click through to your blog right?

Then you will have to:
Know your audience;
Know what your audience is interested in;
Produce what your audience is interested in;
Share what your audience is interested in and


That means = your search for ‘how to increase traffic for blog’ is complete!
7 Pinterest experts share how to get more traffic from pinterest

What is the single most important Pinterest advice that you will give any new or struggling blogger?


Make sure your pins (aka content) covers stuff that people are searching for and want to read. If you can’t do that first then it doesn’t matter how great looking your pin is because people aren’t looking for that particular piece of content.


Try out different pin images all the time. Long ones, short ones, colourful, big titles, little titles – and make at least two pin images for every post.


Concentrate on the keywords and name your images before you upload them to your blog!


Be patient! Pinterest is excellent for driving traffic to your site, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It can take weeks or months for a pin to gain traction.

My most favourite pin in March was over four months old! Up until March, it didn’t do anything and then suddenly it took off! Just be patient, and it will happen!


When I first started pinning blog posts to Pinterest, I would create one pinnable image for each post, post it once to each of my group boards and cross my fingers and hope for the best!

NOW, I create multiple pins for each post and use Boardbooster to rotate them through all of my group boards so that they are getting the best exposure possible. Multiple pins have been a game changer, for sure!


If something is not working, don’t go running around to the next course or Facebook group for advice. Have a hard look at what you have created, tweak, remake and improve.


Keep going and don’t get discouraged.

Bloggers Marketing 101: What do you think is the biggest mistake bloggers make re their Pinterest strategy?


Assuming that they are doing something wrong with Pinterest when it isn’t working for them. Usually, it just means your content isn’t attracting the audience like you think it does. Great content often gets discovered and shared.


Worry too much about it. If you keep trying new ideas and testing new methods, you’ll find what works. Pinterest is always changing their algorithms, so don’t stress out when your traffic goes up and down. If you keep working hard on creating fantastic content and beautiful pin images, you’ll do well.


Probably that they don’t have a real plan of attack, or are ignoring Pinterest group boards altogether.


Changing things too quickly. If you make a change to your pinning strategy, you need to wait at least a few days (or even a week or 2) to see the results. Don’t try something and then, if it doesn’t get results the next day, switch to something else. Oh and ugly pins!


I think the biggest mistake bloggers make with Pinterest is stressing out about Pinterest updates. If you concentrate on making great content that people are looking for and then promoting it correctly, then you should have good results!


Bad pins. Not knowing what is trending on Pinterest.


Changing it up too often.

Bloggers marketing 101 - on Pinterest

Bloggers Marketing 101: If you had to start all over with a new Pinterest account, how would you approach it?


Depending on the niche, let’s say I’m doing more of a lifestyle one (home decor, travel, etc.) I would highly curate the pins based on visuals. My profile would look more like a museum display than a basic profile. This would take more work, but it would pay off more in the long run.


Join solid group boards and create personal niche boards. Pin multiple different pins from each blog post to those great group boards and personal niche boards. Rinse and repeat weekly.

To learn how to find the best, high-quality group boards to join, check out this post!


I’ve started two all over again and I always start with the keywords in my name and Profile description. Then I create at least ten boards and add 25 pins manually so that it’s never empty.


Ensuring the profile name, description and branding are completely aligned with the person you’re marketing to.

Which Pinterest account is your absolute favourite and why?


This is a tough one. With so many Pinterest Accounts I could probably list 100! But for the sake of this question, I’ll go with Wit and Whistle.


My own – because I’ve put all of my love and energy into it. I also really like https://www.pinterest.com/laurenehooker/ – her designs are just clean and beautiful.


I don’t actually have a favourite Pinterest account. There’s a strong chance that I would choose the craft category as where I hang out the most!


Well, I love lots of different profiles, it’s tough to pick a favourite.

I love Claire’s Heart Handmade because it’s just so well organised and she has right quality pins. Not to mention Nadalie’s It’s All You Boo because I think it’s a really pretty profile and I love her content!
(I swear I’m not just saying Claire’s because it’s going on her site! I was looking through the accounts I followed and picked hers because I often visit it)


I have a favourite blogger, and I love everything that he does, including his Pinterest. Michael Wurm from Inspired by Charm.


I love Sugar & Cloth’s profile but also Claire’s Heart Handmade profile.


That’s a tough one 🙂 Too many clients that have my loyalty. But I would say one that is actively creating content.

Blogger marketing with Pinterest

Bloggers Marketing 101: What does your best pin look like?


I’m going to go with this one because it hits all of the right elements for me:

* Nice and easy to read colour that grabs attention.
* Image that does just as good as a job in attracting the eye.
* Title that makes you want to click on it.


Colourful, easy to read the text, and provides a solution to a common problem that your audience faces.


Ooh. Good one. I think it’s this pin It really stands out and has plenty of repins.

The whole point of Pinterest images is to grab your potential readers by the eyeballs and to get them to click through to your post. There are so many different ways that you can do it.

If you’re in doubt, squint your eyes when you’ve finished your design and see what you can read. You want the most important words to be emphasized, with large text.

Make sure you emphasize the best words that would hook your reader, i.e, not words like ‘the’, ‘how to’ or ‘and’, words like ‘improve’, ‘actually know’, ‘the easiest way’ etc. Words that would spark curiosity.


My best performing pin I actually think is pretty ugly and plain! It does well because the text is large and colourful.

People can relate to it (messy house?), and it promises them a solution to their problem.

Generally, a great pin is going to have bold, clear text (no script or skinny fonts!), bright colours with the critical words in a contrasting colour and a beautiful bright photo. Also not too much text.

You just have to think about your viewer. When they search for something, and they are presented with 100s of pins.

As they scroll through, what is going to make them stop and click on your pin? They need to be able to read it easily (especially on a small screen as most traffic is from mobile devices) and it needs to jump out at them. But every niche is different, so it’s always a good idea to look at the big players in your niche and see what they are doing.


Try completely different pin designs and see what is most popular. And remember… you are not your audience! Your taste has nothing to do with what makes a great pin!


The best pins to me have super easy to read text somewhere on them and some bright colours to catch the scrollers eye. What matters MOST about any pin is that it makes the Pinterest browser go, “wait, I want to see what that’s about”.

That is UNLESS you are a killer photographer and can stop someone in their tracks with a drool-worthy picture. Then you can get away without having anything but that picture. I am not that great a photographer, sadly, so I look for my colours and fonts to grab attention and hope that the images aren’t too disappointing!!


Any bright colours or pastels draw my eye. I notice a trend to less text but better photo’s on top Pinners profiles, but I am not quite there yet! My best to date is not so good looking, but it brings in consistent traffic.


Here’s my most viral pin.

Bloggers Marketing 101: Mastering The Pinterest Platform

The information shared in this post is gold – if you take note of every word, you will soon notice a positive change in your engagement and traffic from Pinterest. Good luck!

Amanda Nel is a Lifestyle blogger at Easy On The Tongue. She shares Craft tips, life lessons which include Inspirational quotes and Pinterest VA services.

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