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Knowing exactly what to look for and how to choose an affiliate program can be tricky for beginner bloggers. The popularity of affiliate marketing has sky-rocketed in popularity within the past few years, thanks to marketers like Michelle Shroder-Gardner who was a millionaire by the time she turned 28. Promoting affiliate programs on your site can be one of the quickest and easiest ways that will help you start a web-based home business. Affiliate programs provide merchants with the chance to use immense armies of affiliate representatives and resources, who are there to get results. 

How To Choose An Affiliate Program To Promote



+ 21 Affiliate Programs For Sewing Bloggers 

The rewards for affiliates are often superb, and a good affiliate marketer will earn several thousands of bucks per month. Unless you’re my girl MSG from Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing, who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. This win-win state of affairs has led to an explosion of affiliate programs that are easily accessible to affiliate marketers. 

With this growth of affiliate opportunities it’s important that you ask a few questions: how does one approach choosing the right affiliate program for you? What qualities do you have to look for in an affiliate program and which program is able to provide you with the likelihood of earning a regular income? Below are some tips that may assist you to gauge the affiliate programs and below, some perfect affiliate programs for sewing bloggers to join.


What Commissions Will the Program Pay? 

It is important that you are aware of how much you can expect to earn from a sale. There’s no point in wasting time and cash promoting a product that pays very low commissions. You may find yourself spending more money on ads and promotions than you actually make on sales. It’s best to stick with promoting a product with a high commission unless you’ve got a distinct niche market where you’re able to sell vast quantities of a product and generate substantial commissions on your volume of sales. 


How Much Traffic is their Site Getting? 

Try to discover how much traffic the affiliate programs main product site receives. is a very nifty tool for doing this type of research. If the site is ranked in the high 100,000, the merchant is receiving a decent volume of traffic. Thus it’s possible that there might already be too many affiliates promoting the one product. A perfect example of this is Tailwind. If it’s ranked below 500,000 it may be no good to join, but it may be a golden chance to earn some real cash by becoming one of the first affiliates. If it resonates with your audience, trust your gut. 

Always analyse a merchant’s product if their site has a low traffic ranking. It’s a good idea to purchase the product yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need to seek out out if there are any negative reviews to see if it’s worth pursuing. 


How & When Are Affiliate Commissions Paid? 

Some affiliate programs pay commissions each week; some once a month, others solely pay quarterly and that is the worst. If you go one quarter without paying your mortgage, you’re gone. So, it’s necessary that you’re savvy about when you’ll expect a paycheck.


Does The Affiliate Program Use Cookies? 

Many customers don’t buy anything on their initial visit to a merchant’s site. That’s why it’s important to use cookies. The longer the cookies last; the higher the probabilities of you getting some of that sweet commission! 


What selling Resources will the Affiliate Program Offer? 

Look at the type and quality of the resources that they supply. Does the merchant supply articles, advertisements, or different content that you can place on your site? Do they supply free guides, special offers, free infectives like e-books, or product samples that you can just send to your list? If the resources are of high quality, then obtaining sales are far more likely!



Follow these recommendations to choose an affiliate program that translates into sales, and trust your instincts. 

Want to increase your blogging income? Learn how to choose an affiliate program to promote, and check out the best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Sewing Bloggers that are a PERFECT fit There are several different ways to make money with a craft or sewing blog and I've been working to consolidate resources and ideas in one spot! I hope you find some in the links in this post. If you struggle using affiliate programs to make money then you might be promoting the wrong programs. #makemoney