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Do you want a proven-to-work system that will not only supercharge your productivity as a blogger but also boost profitability with your craft blog?

With the help of this book, you can dive in and lay solid foundations to start a professional looking blog full of quality content from the very beginning, meaning that you can start monetising, working with brands and earning a good amount of money from the begining. Starting Today. The Craft Bloggers Handbook is the go-to course to take for starting your craft blog

The Craft Bloggers Handbook

Imagine starting your brand new blog, gaining a loyal audience, making friends and being able to turn your blog into a business that makes bank! Guess what? Having a great foundation is exactly what you need to become profitable!

Imagine not having to worry about your what you will write about, because you implemented strategies that means you know the exact type of content your blog readers want from you.

And now, imagine being confident enough about your awesome new blog, that you are happy to shout about it from the roof tops, share your content on the right sites where Crafters are known to hang out and develop a monetization strategy before you start!

READY TO GROW YOUR BLOG & YOUR BANK ACCOUNT From anywhere in the world?

I’ve taken the overwhelm out of starting your blog and I’m giving you the exact blueprint you need to help you start your blog and learn how to make money from the very beginning.

This ebook will help you kickstart a successful, profitable craft blog. With easy to follow advice and actionable steps from award winning craft blogger Heart Handmade UK.

Over 160 pages to walk you through setting up and marketing a professional looking craft blog.

Access to private Facebook group is also provided.


Your Essential Craft Blogger's Handbook


180+ Page Ebook


Access to private Facebook Group

Chapter Outline:

What will you blog about?

Choosing a niche when you have no idea why you should

How to choose a hosting package for your needs

Setting it up

Making your blog beautiful

What to do as soon as you set up your WordPress blog

Time management tips for brand new bloggers

Why and how to create an effective editorial calendar

How to write a whole post in less than an hour

Getting traffic to your brand new blog

Email marketing myths you need to stop believing

How you can monetize your craft blog from the very beginning

Final thoughts

Excellent resources to help you scale and grow your blog into a biz.


If you use this book correctly, you will learn why and how you should get really specific with your niche,

Set up WordPress and have a professional looking blog from the very beginning and under 30 minutes.

Find out the most productive way to create blog posts that people are crying out for.

Write a long post in under an hour and how to get traffic to your brand new blog, not to mention how you can monetise from the very beginning.


Hurry To Claim Your Bonuses!

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Pinterest Group Board Trackers (£7 Value)

Perfect for keeping track of your group boards, the rules of those boards, who owns the boards and their contact information.It's great to track which boards you've applied for, which have been accepted and how your content performs.

Let's Get Social - 12 Month Social Media Calendar, Guide + Planner (£17 Value)

Perfect for keeping track of your your entire social media planner, plus ideas for content throughout the seasons, including calendars, trackers and brainstorming sheets!

“Thank you Claire for taking the time and energy to create such a thoroughly comprehensive start up guide. I will definitely be promoting this with my followers.  “

– Janette Hamilton, AKA WiseNona

Claire Donovan-Blackwood

Hey, My name is claire!

Claire Donovan-Blackwood, owner of Clarity Avenue and a 12 year blogging veteran. After years of learning and developing an effective Plan Of Action to grow my blog into a business using five or six different income streams, I managed to execute it perfectly and now I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom.

I’ve been featured in Craft Business magazine, on two separate occasions and even did an interview on BBC Radio 2 here in the UK. Britains most popular radio station!

I’m a bit of a type A personality and when I became sick in 2009, my abilities quickly declined. Despite being bed bound for a couple of years, I was able to concentrate on growing my blog brand because I KNEW I would turn it into a business some day.

I was in your boat FOR YEARS! Stuck in a kind of purgatory, between having a hobby blog that doesn’t really earn anything. In my head, I was convinced that I could launch my business once I got better, because I was always told that I WOULD get better.

At the end of 2016, I was told that I had received a misdiagnosis and that I actually had a rare medical condition that had no cure. That, was when I decided to flip a table (in my head) and take the steps towards launching my biz.

Within two months of launching, I was able to come off Government assistance, with a solid PLAN and THIS EXACT STRATEGY.


Frequently Asked Questions

You bet!! If you buy this planner, implement the strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase (a whole month!) for a full refund.

You will checkout via the Gumroad checkout process and receive an instant download and email confirmation of your order.

It’s entirely possible to start and grow a blog, even if you’re in full time employment. In the book you will read how to become insanely productive and achieve everything you want to achieve in relation to your blog.

Email me [email protected] and I will reply to any and all of your questions! Alternatively, you can always find me on Instagram, even better – join us in Strategies For Superstars and feel free to ask anything on the wall!

You can start monetising your blog immediately and I show you how to do it in the Craft Blogger’s Handbook For Beginners.

“Claire explains it all! Not quite used to processing photos? No worries – this handbook covers the basics. What options are there for you to bring you profit from doing what you love? Many! Don’t get discouraged by all the new world of technology and social media fancy lingo, you will learn it and get used to it in no time. “
– Julita Sochacka, Paperwishart.Design

"A Goal without a plan is just a wish"

Are You Wishing Or DOING?

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