Ok, so we know you need a goal setting worksheet, don’t worry. Simply scroll down to get it. Before we get there though, I want to share the Smartest strategies you can use to achieve your goals. Don’t forget to secure your spot in the Goal Slayer masterclass at the end of the post!

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Goal Setting Worksheet + Smarter Strategies To Smash Your Goals

Let’s face it, you could be helping a lot more people and making even more money. Couldn’t we all?

Are you finally ready to achieve some success? Then take the time to learn how to set SMART goals. 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable
  • Realistic and
  • Tangible
Smart Goal Setting Worksheet Printable


Setting specific goals is the key to success in all areas of life. Have you ever heard the story about the 1979 Harvard class? The students in the class tracked the success of two groups; those who made goals and those who didn’t.

Each time the goal-oriented graduates ended up being grouped into smaller and smaller specific groups. And guess what? Those who failed to set goals achieved nothing in comparison to those who set specific goals.  


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The more you can track your progress, the easier it is to see if we’ve achieved. If your goals are vague, how will you track your progress and how will you know you’ve achieved it? You won’t. That’s how simple it is. There are so many trackers available for your goals, that it’s an easy process to follow. 

Smart Goal Setting Worksheet Quote - "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style" Maya Angelou


When you set goals that are actually achievable AND important to you, your brain will find a way to make it happen. That’s due to the fact that it is on your mind. So, when you see an opportunity, you make the connection that it will help you achieve your goal. 

Listing your goals and the steps involved to get there will help you reach them much faster. 

"A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline" Napoleon Hill


Remember, you have to be willing and able to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Obviously, you should be out of your comfort zone at times but within the margins. Something you could physically attain and are capable of. If you wear glasses, you can’t be a pilot, so learning to fly would be a bad goal. 

Setting goals that are actually achievable is pretty motivating itself. You realise that you CAN do it! When that truly sets in, it’s really exciting. 

SMART Goal Setting; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound


When your goal is tangible, it means that you can physically feel it. So if your goal isn’t something you can physically feel then attach something to it, to represent the goal in a physical form.  

If you’re taking a vacation, use your suitcase. Or passport. You could even print a photo of your dream destination. It will be incredibly useful to truly visualise the outcome as the deeper you can form a connection the better. You will be far more likely to reach your goal and get there if you can almost smell the warm sand and taste the salt in the air. 

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To Conclude

Be SMART about your goal setting. Now, I would love to recommend this excellent Goal Slayer masterclass with Nadalie Bardo. 

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