Wanting to know how to earn money online puts you in a group of savvy people who understand that it is entirely possible to do so and earn a living. I do it. I’ve now got 13 years experience doing this job; running a small network of blogs and monetising through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored content and products. If you want to break away from the mind-numbing madness that is your 9-5, keep reading. 

How To Earn Money Online With Sponsored Post Sites 

There are so many paid blogging opportunities out there and even a huge list of 50 sponsored post sites is waiting for you:

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Finding Jobs

Almost all of these jobs are called different things on different platforms. Normally they’re referred to as campaigns and there will be a section of the site where you can peruse potential jobs, including the requirements and remuneration. 
My favourite site at the moment is Get Blogged, which offers UK bloggers even more opportunities. Said opportunities are even divided by DA, so you can get paid appropriately.
Don’t know your DA? Try Moz, they have everything you need to know.

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Back in the olden times of blogging, I never had to pitch for brand jobs. They did just land on my mat. That still happens for my longest-running site but not nearly as often as it used to, so that means new bloggers may initially struggle to find opportunities. Pitching can be scary but once you realise that you’re actually pitching yourself a million different times a day already, it becomes a lot less intimidating. 

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How it feels when a pitch gets accepted on a sponsored post site

Crafting An Effective Pitch: 

When it comes to crafting a super-effective pitch, I highly recommend paying attention to Julie Solomon, who runs a course called Pitch Perfect. I’ve never taken Julie’s course, but after ONE of her webinars, I transformed the way I pitched and I ended up earning an extra thousand dollars on my next sponsored content opportunity (which included craft video tutorials). 


Keeping Track Of Pitches: 

  1. Create a Google Doc of a pitching template and name it “Pitching Master Template”
  2. Open a Trello account and create a dashboard
  3. Create a list for Content Templates and add “pitching”
  4. Drag and drop your Google Doc onto your Trello Card 
  5. Navigate to “make a template” 
  6. Every day you decide to pitch, use Trello to keep track. 
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Found an opportunity? 

  1. Copy your Trello Pitching template 
  2. Open your Google Doc and navigate to ‘file > make a copy’
  3. Add in the details + link to an opportunity
  4. Drag your completed pitch document back over to the Trello card to ensure it’s backed up. 
  5. Add the date so it will show up in ‘calendar view’.


Use the spreadsheet to sign up to sponsored post sites and start finding opportunities today! 

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