It seems that everyone is dying to know how to make money on Pinterest these days, but honestly, it has always been possible. Since Pinterest began, you were able to create pins and promote your content; the trick is getting your content in front of the right people.


Ready to learn how to make money on Pinterest?


5 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest In Any Niche


Yes, it is possible for any niche to make money on Pinterest BUT some niches are WAY MORE popular than others.


Examples of 6 super popular and profitable niches:

  • Health and fitness
  • Family and Parenting
  • Food/Recipes
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Finance
  • Beauty and hair


Ready to know how to make money on Pinterest and the best practices??

You could use:


Let’s go through those in a little more detail:


1. How To Make Money On Pinterest Using Affiliate links


When Pinterest began, you could use affiliate links and then due to spammers abusing their Pinning power; those pins weren’t allowed for a few years. Now they’re BACK BABY! You won’t be able to make insane amounts of money using affiliate links on Pinterest, but it is entirely possible.


Tips for using affiliate links on Pinterest:


  • Create fabulous Pins
  • DISCLOSE your affiliate link by using the #Affiliatelink
  • Join a program that pays per lead (email sign up) as well as a sale – ShareASale has LOADS of pay per lead programs. Grammarly is a great example of a pay per lead program, and you get $0.20 per email sign up.
  • Use Tailwind or Board Booster to spread your affiliate links over time, so you don’t flood your own boards (it looks tres spammy)


You can also direct people to blog posts packed full of affiliate links. Obviously, for that, you need to start a blog and I HIGHLY recommend that you use Siteground.


SiteGround is the service that I use for my hosting and I LOVE THEM! Not only did they make both of my blogs super fast, but they also have amazing customer service (especially the LiveChat option). They will also set up your WordPress blog on the hosting platform FOR FREEEEEE!


You can also become an affiliate for Siteground and earn up to 50% of the sale! Click here to sign up to Siteground and then become an affiliate.


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If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you will see most success promoting your links via blog posts. Creating blog posts all about your affiliate product (along with vertical pins) will allow buyers to read all about the product or service you are promoting and in my experience, are more likely to purchase.


2. How To Make Money By Selling Your Products


If you sell your products via Etsy, you should always upload tall, Pinterest friendly images to your listings. I’m an Etsy affiliate and love to share Etsy products (because it’s the number one place that I shop and I love it) but sellers don’t always create vertical images, so they miss out on free advertising from moi.


There are also several group boards on Pinterest that have been created by Etsy sellers, for Etsy sellers to join and promote their products. Often, I promote my own digital products and affiliate links in those groups.


If you want to find similar group boards, check out this post where I show you three ways to find and join group boards!


The best way that you can sell your products through Pinterest is by using AMAZING, high-quality images! Pinterest is a visual search engine, and people WANT to pin, and they WANT to buy.


Which would you repin: motivational pencils - an example of a great affiliate pin image. how to make money on Pinterest using affiliate links


(it’s a great image, but it isn’t tall enough)?? Click image to visit the pin.


If you are an Etsy seller and want to learn how to make money by selling your crafts, check out this post.


3. How To Make Money On Pinterest Selling Your Services


If you have a website to advertise your services, consider creating tall, vertical pins and share them on a regular basis.


Before you sell your services on Pinterest you will need a one-page website or a blog. Again, you can buy a domain and hosting via Siteground. Create a list of services that you offer and a way for people to get in touch with you. 


There are various ways to do this, but you will need a solid Pinterest strategy to get your pins in front of the right people. I can help you with that. Hop on a call and get your Superstar Strategy LOCKED IN. I will be happy to figure out which direction you should be headed in or grab.


are you ready to learn how to make money on Pinterest like a total boss? Pinterest is an awesome way to get traffic to your blog or website but you can also MAKE MONEY using the platform. Find out how to do it & best practices #Pinterest #money #makemoney #bloggingtips #businesstips #affiliatetips

4. How To Make Money On Pinterest By Pinning PPC Content

The PPC (pay per click) content I’m referring to in this case is also known as syndication. Companies like ShopStyleCollective offer this, where you get paid per click with a commission bump for sales. defines syndication as:


a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations:

The local furniture store is individually owned, but is part of a buying syndicate.


In this example, us bloggers are combining via ShopStyle to get more affiliate sales for ShopStyle; say they earn 8%, we might get a 3% reward.


Other syndication companies just pay per click through to their website, but usually, they are by invitation only.


This is an example of a ShopStyleCollective pin that I’ve created.


5. How To Make Money On Pinterest By Creating Sponsored Pins for Brands


If you’re a blogger who works with Sponsors/brands creating blog posts, you’re probably familiar with this option already. There are a lot of websites that will act as middlemen between you and brands. They connect your site to the perfect brand for your audience. On those websites, it’s quite common to connect your social accounts to your profile so that brands can review your analytics before reaching out. If your Instagram account, Facebook page or Twitter profile has a better reach and following, then you can create sponsored content on those platforms too.


Check out: Sponsored Content Marketing: What You Need To Know


When creating sponsored Pins, you must disclose it as #sponsored or #ad.


How To Make THE MOST Money Using Pinterest


You NEED to build your audience. You need to know what they need and want and direct traffic to your blog. Unfortunately, when it comes to making a lot of money, the numbers count. To be able to charge higher rates, a website or blog is required. The more traffic you get to your site, the more likely you are to land a sponsorship.


I’ve said this before but I will say it again;


Don’t share anything that you are uncomfortable with or that doesn’t align with your brand values.


are you ready to learn how to make money on Pinterest like a total boss? Pinterest is an awesome way to get traffic to your blog or website but you can also MAKE MONEY using the platform. Find out how to do it & best practices #Pinterest #money #makemoney #bloggingtips #businesstips #affiliatetips