Want to learn how to make money? There’s a much underutilised marketing gem that many people do actually know about and never use.

During a trip to Asia in the early 19th Century, a German merchant noticed that locals tenderized their meat by placing it under their saddles. The motion of riding their horses pounded the meat into pieces, which was then scooped up, seasoned, and eaten.

The German returned to his hometown, Hamburg, where he passed on this method for gorgeously tender meat. It was referred to as “Hamburg steak”. German immigrants then bequeathed this to the Americans and the first “hamburger” appeared on a New York menu in 1834.


And that, my friends, is why there is no ham in a hamburger.

How To Make Money By Using This ONE Technique

Like An Elephant, You Should Never Forget

What’s interesting about this is that you probably had never pondered this question, but I bet you you’ll now never forget it.

That is the power of storytelling. It activates a very primitive part of our brain, one where we not only understand cognitively what we’re being told, but we feel it too, we make a connection with it.


This is the secret (burger) sauce I used to write my most popular Facebook post to date for my creative business, which I’m going to show you how to make money by adapting it to suit your business.

The Bread and Butter


As a mural artist, I have the pleasure of hand painting kid’s bedrooms walls with their favourite characters or sports idols. It is a blissful job around my home county in the middle of the UK and I love every single new booking that I’m fortunate enough to be given.

In the early days of my online endeavours, I spent hours learning and researching into how to build an engaged fan base.


Because everyone wants and needs one of those to be a success.


I knew my business idea was solid, and I knew there was a desire for my talents, and I soon discovered the biggest challenge was standing out in a very crowded Facebook space and finding loyal fans.


Research has proven that listening to or reading a story can put your whole brain at work, plus it is an extremely effective way to impart a feeling upon the reader.


A professor from Princeton, Uri Hasson explains in an experiment “When the woman spoke English, the volunteers understood her story, and their brains synchronised. When she had activity in her insula, an emotional brain region, the listeners did too. When her frontal cortex lit up, so did theirs. By simply telling a story, the woman could plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners’ brains.”


Telling a story about your business online is an extremely effective way to

  • Create an unbreakable bond with your readers;
  • Describe a likeable emotion such as empathy, joy, excitement and allow the reader to experience it too;
  • Become unforgettable (22x more memorable in fact);
  • Create a yearning for more from readers;
  • Add clarity and credibility to you & your business; and
  • Inspire readers to take action, finish with a call-to-action (email me today, grab the last few items here, free P&P until Friday).

So what did my most engaging post to date look like?

How did I turn a relatively normal mural booking into an emotive and engaging story that reached over 18,000 people and flooded my inbox with bookings?

Here’s how:

How To Make Money Online. How I made £1k in 7 days & reached 18k people in ONE Facebook post (at zero cost!) I spent hours learning & researching how to build an engaged fan base. Everyone wants and needs one of those to be a success.I knew my business idea was solid, &I knew there was a desire for my talents, and I soon discovered the biggest challenge was standing out in a very crowded Facebook space & finding loyal fans. Research has proven that listening or reading a story can put your whole brain at work!

Four Ways You Can Tell Stories & Tap Into The Hearts Of Your Readers:

  • Previous customer stories. Example – A woman buying a gift for their beloved sister who was getting married. Or a Mum buying a farewell gift to a child who was emigrating overseas. Share any strong emotive feedback you’ve been given.
  • Your why. Example – perhaps you craft to deal with an illness or a divorce. Or, simply because you have a dream of a better life for your family. What motivates you? What inspires you?
  • An opinion. Example – do you hold a faith or belief that is important to you which relates to your business or perhaps runs through it. Maybe you’re an active environmentalist and you source all your products from safe suppliers?
  • Demystify a myth. Example – perhaps people believe something about crafters which you wish to lift the lid on and open up about. What’s a frustration you have about an assumption which is made about you or your craft?


If you struggle with the idea of being able to tell a story this Skillshare class will help you. You can get 2 free months and you could finish this class by the weekend!


Crafter, your success online lies in creating that loyal fan base. A loyal fan base full of engaged customers who will keep on coming back for more.


Stories are a phenomenal tool in your armoury. It’s time to dust off the fairy tale books, get inspired and start setting yourself apart from your competitors. Start using this much-underutilised marketing gem!!!


I hope you have gleaned something from this article and have learnt how to make money by telling your story.

Article by Jackie Muscat from CraftMySuccess.


Jackie is a mural artist, coach for crafters looking to master their Facebook presence. You can find out more about her here and on her Facebook group here.

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