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How To Install WordPress On Blog Host:

It’s not that difficult to do.

First, go to the My Accounts tab and navigate to the cPanel (control panel),

Click on WordPress in the section titled ‘Scripts’.

Click on the Install button.

After you install, fill in the information that follows.

Choose Protocol – keep it the same.

Choose Domain- from the drop down menu

In Directory – if in doubt, leave it blank.

Fill In The Following Details:

Site Description –You can leave this blank and update it later via WordPress

Admin Username – This will be the username you use to log into your WordPress blog backend. DO NOT use your email address here or the username that you use on social media as hackers will be able to access or guess those details easily.

Admin Password – This is the password to access WordPress dashboard. Like I’ve said before, you should use a program like LastPass to generate strong, secure passwords and save them safely.

Admin email – Enter your email address

It is possible to install your theme via A2 Hosting, but it’s just as easy to do it via WordPress.

Click Install and BOOM! Hosting Done!


I use something calledLastPass*, which has a master password and then stores allll the passwords you have. You can generate insanely strong passwords. Do that.

>> Visit LastPass and Protect Your Passwords!!


That’s the hosting taken care of. A Round of applause and another cup of tea for you! Now you get to the fun part of customising your blog!

After you set up your hosting, go to http://http://www.YOURBLOGNAME.COM/wp-admin, it will look like this:

Then login with the details provided by:

>> SiteGround*

When you access the admin section, you should generate a secure password.

Navigate up to the top right hand corner where it says ‘Howdy, admin’ and click the little menu.

You will create your site tagline and when you scroll down, you have the ability to generate a really secure password.

Then save.

You can also change the colours of the admin area. I prefer it all grey and much lighter.

I chose light.

And that’s it! You can play around and choose a theme that you like. Press buttons, start to design.

You should consider purchasing the Genesis framework*. I purchased it for my craft blog to increase site speed and improve the overall structure of my blog. I highly recommend it and I will be installing it on the new blog.

You can also purchase themes for the Genesis framework*. The theme that is used on Heart Handmade is called Foodie Theme*.

Check out the Foodie Pro theme

The ClarityAvenue theme is called: Victoria by BluChic

There are lots of free themes that are completely fine, you can always purchase the framework later on but it saves a lot of hassle to do it now. Of course, do it if you can afford it. Do not get into debt!

Play with your new site and get excited! If you are thinking about designs and logos but have no idea what to do, you can purchase pre-made logos or find designers on sites like Etsy* and Creativemarket*. I use both of those sites regularly.

ACTION STEP: Set Up Blog Hosting and customise your WordPress dashboard TODAY!!

Check out some of these themes and try to keep your blog as clean looking as possible. People don’t like cluttered sites.

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