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The Best Way To Make Real Money Online?


By far, is one of my favourite ways to monetize my blog. Since I around 2007, when I discovered that people could earn a living by blogging, it turned into my ultimate goal.

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Earlier this year I took Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and x10 my in the space of a month. Seriously. I made my initial investment of the course, back.. and then some.


In March I earned £45ish in Affiliate Income and in April, I had accumulated £490 over different affiliate platforms (payout wasn’t issued until the end of May/early June). See the affiliate programs that pay the most amount of money: 7 Super High Paying Affiliate Programs You Need To Start Using

It is entirely possible to online from home


When I discovered Ultimate Bundles, I was so happy, for several reasons:

  • They had multiple bundles that I would be able to promote
  • 40% Commission is offered
  • Discount is offered /You can use your affiliate link to purchase bundles
  • The bundles are packed full of great content
  • Excellent value for money
  • If you contribute to the bundle and promote it, you get 70% affiliate commission
  • There’s an entire area in the affiliate site with lots of marketing information and help for promotions


The Commission Rate is Higher than most Affiliate Programs

With Ultimate Bundles, you can make a 40% commission on each bundle that you sell. If you contribute to the bundle on promotion, then you can receive a 70% affiliate commission.

By working with Ultimate Affiliate Bundles you can earn SO MUCH money if you promote the affiliate items effectively and make real money online. Check out 5 tips to improve your affiliate sales today.

You Get A Discount

It’s a bad idea to promote an affiliate product that you haven’t used. How are you expected to sell it with 100% passion and confidence if you don’t really know what you are selling?

The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program offers you the product for FREE if you manage to sell 5. If you have family members that you think would really benefit from the Bundle, promote it to them. Once you know the product inside and out, you can promote with confidence!


Sign Up With Them Today


Freebies and great discounts are available for their affiliate bloggers.

It’s possible to see the Ultimate Bundles schedule to see whether or not you would want to promote the items. You can also get your hands on the Bundles before promotions begin so you can sell them with confidence and sell them effectively.
There’s a Bundle For Every Niche

Check out the schedule for the rest of 2017:

Previous bundles:

There’s So Much Included at a GREAT Price

In each of the bundles, there is SO MUCH content available AND Bonuses available.

For example, the next bundle available is The Ultimate Photography Bundle and this is what is included:

The Ultimate Photography Bundle Contains

Camera Essentials
  • iPhone Photo Academy by Emil Pakarklis ($97.00) Featured eCourse
  • Master Your DSLR by David Molnar ($297.00) Featured eCourse
  • Mastering Photography by Andrew Gibson ($12.00)
  • Mastering Lenses by Andrew Gibson ($14.00)
Photo Editing
  • Master Editing in Lightroom eCourse by David Molnar ($297.00) Featured eCourse
  • Photoshop 101: From Zero to Sixty in One Hour by David Molnar ($197.00) Featured eCourse
  • The Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Presets Bundle by Cole’s Classroom ($227.00) Featured Collection
  • 2 Lil Owls Texture Bundle by Denise Love ($170.00)
  • Kodachrome Presets by Gavin Gough ($20.00)
  • MB Glitter Overlays by Morgan Burks ($39.00)
Family Photography
  • The Photo Fix by Kyle Shultz ($199.00) Featured eCourse
  • Family Session With Family Posing Guide Combo by Angie Monson ($129.00)
  • Quick Tip Photo Cards: Printable Cheat Sheets for Moms by Meg Calton ($8.00)
  • The Key to Natural Posing Workshop by Katie Evans ($97.00)
  • The Posing Playbook…For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing by Tamara Lackey ($89.00)
Inspiration & Style
  • See U Lite by Jeremy Cowart ($179.00) Featured eCourse
  • Photograph the Everyday: Understanding Light & Composition by Courtney Slazinik ($199.00) Featured eCourse
  • Mastering Composition by Andrew Gibson ($14.00)
  • Recreating Golden Hour: Using Flash to Mimic the Sun by SLR Lounge ($39.00)
  • Teen Photographer Magazine by Megan Roberts ($11.94)
Landscape Photography
  • Milky Way Mastery by Joshua Dunlop ($147.00) Featured eCourse
  • Cityscape Photography: The Comprehensive Guide by Richard Schneider ($59.00)
  • The Black & White Landscape by Andrew Gibson ($14.00)
  • The Black & White Landscape Companion by Andrew Gibson ($14.00)
Niche Photography
  • Shot in the Dark: Your Guide to Low Light Food Photography by Trisha Hughes ($12.00)
  • Take Better Blog Photos: Become a Better Blogger with Better Photos in About 8 Weeks by Holly McCaig ($39.00)
  • The Candid Portrait by Andrew Gibson ($14.00)
  • Travel Photographer’s Handbook by Gavin Gough ($25.00)
The Business of Photography
  • 5-Piece Photography Business & Client Forms by Sallyann Ralph ($20.00)
  • Get Booked by Amy Fraughton ($49.00)
  • Going Pro: Recipe for Success by Digital Photography School ($49.99)
  • How to Sell: The Complete Online System Workflow by WordSmith for Photographers ($175.00)
  • Peripheral Vision: How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income For Photographers by Melissa Bolton ($17.00)
  • Photographers Welcome Packet by Heidi Haden ($45.00)
  • Photography Marketing Boards Bundle | Modern Lettering by Birdesign ($18.00)
  • Photo Overlays | Booking by Birdesign ($16.00)
  • Plan It by TheLawTog® ($199.00)
The Business of Wedding Photography
  • 6 Weeks To 6 Figures Business Course! by Zach & Jody Gray ($599.00) Featured eCourse
  • The KJ Marketing Jumpstart by Katelyn James ($179.00) Featured eCourse
  • Boutique Studio Email Templates by Jeff & Erin Youngren ($49.00)
  • Luxury Marketing Magazine Template by Melissa Love ($39.00)
  • Photography with Sparklers: Long Exposures & Sparkler Exits by Matt Kennedy ($179)


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Ultimate Bundles Want You To Succeed and ACTUALLY Make REAL Money Online

There’s an affiliate portal where all of the sales copy, newsletter copy and banners are available.

Not only that, there’s marketing advice available for affiliates.

You can also earn EVEN MORE money. How do you do that? By referring new affiliates to Ultimate Bundles, you can earn money.

Ultimate Bundles have a second tier affiliate program. You earn 5% commission for every bundle sold by someone you refer. That’s CRAZY!

The bundles are so good, packed full of amazing content and even if there’s a bundle that isn’t in your niche if you refer someone who sells a bundle – CHA CHING! Money in your pocket. It is POSSIBLE to make REAL money online with Ultimate Bundles.


Sign Up With Them Today


Have you signed up yet?


If you haven’t signed up to Ultimate Bundles, I would really (genuinely) love to know why. Drop me a comment below and let me know.


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