When it comes to affiliate marketing, Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing is the “go-to” blogger course. The creator of this course is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, before reaching 30, She was appeared on Forbes for earning millions from her blog, so of course, that’s who I wanted to learn from.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing; A Stunningly Honest Review

The website is a big success, due to her extremely honest revenue reports. It is incredible to extreme examine income reports and understand how bloggers make. In this review you will see the impact that the Michelle course has had on my income in weeks, then I will share a screenshot of earnings for the first year. I attended this course in 2017 and have 13 years of professional blogging experience.


In 2016, I decided to earn even more money from affiliate marketing; at that time I was making less than £100 a month. Now it is over £1000 a month, depending on the program or platform. I have also joined many programs after taking the course. Fast forward 4 years and I am now part of a program where for one sale I am earning hundreds of dollars (screenshot shared below).

It is important to know that affiliate marketing should not be your entire business model. The best approach is to have many different sources of income for your business.

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My income streams in the business:

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored deals
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Selling courses via Teachable
  • Hosting a membership site in Patreon 
  • Developing custom Pinterest Strategies 
Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing - 50,000 a month

Affiliate Marketing is the main source of my income through blogs and I am able to use affiliate marketing continuously as the content is regularly updated with appropriate links and even trending updates.

Using the techniques mentioned in this course, and my skills, I can earn some passive income every month after a small effort at start.

Passive income is the best way to make money for your brand, even when you sleep. Although there is always an initial effort, the outcomes are long-lasting and repetitive. The techniques are also “rinse and repeat” that’s why many marketers are multiplying their income in an unpredictable manner. The best way to earn passive income is by using different affiliate programs and set the context through automation. At the start, just consider the thing that is in front of you. It means to start learning the basic steps, show some patience and make a real effort to understand the course work.


Why invest in making sense of affiliate marketing?

Before this course, I had Amazon links on my site. As most of you, I visited different websites to get different pieces of other strategies and while it was useful, I was creating a mismatched strategy that wasn’t working. I had a vague idea what I was doing but was only earning a few bucks here and there. ugh. 

Then I decided to invest in Michelle’s course, and managed to make time daily to take course lessons and do homework.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing - your target audience

How Can Someone Earn $10,000 Every Month with Affiliate Marketing?

Through taking the course, I have come to find out more quickly that I was not utilising a lot of things that were readily available to me as a blogger. That is the mistake that many bloggers are making with affiliate marketing, by leaving the links on the table. 

This was the main issue for my site, where I spent some time and get quick results.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing - 300,000 from one post

More About Michelle: 

She is currently making over $50,000 per month just by Affiliate Marketing and has earned $300,000 from just one post on her blog. And I was losing money! My goal then; I want to make $7,000 per month that is approximately £5000.

Three years ago, my blog income reached more than $7000 per month. Figuring out how to earn using my online business was incredibly uplifting! I’m thrilled to have taken advanced affiliate marketing training and I was now able to grow even more.


More About The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course: 

This course has 6 modules with 30 lessons. It has also several worksheets, including bonuses and Facebook group for students. This was great for me as I wanted to learn from other entrepreneurs and to see what they are doing in order to make passive income. 

So what will you learn about in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course? 

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Learning Outcomes:

  • What affiliate marketing is, how it works etc
  • Why affiliate marketing is a great way of earning money
  • How she earned $300,000 from one blog post
  • How to choose affiliate products to promote
  • Increase affiliate conversions
  • Build trust with your readers without losing followers
  • Disclosures you need to do affiliate marketing legally 
  • Her favourite tool for affiliate marketing
  • Different strategies for promoting products
  • Using Pinterest and affiliate marketing (good for a beginner but I was already a bit of a Pinterest power user with 1 Million followers at the time)

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In this module, you can understand the basics of affiliate marketing and soon able to see why it is an amazing stream of income for bloggers and is the best for their business

Affiliate marketing is much easier than to develop your own products. Take it from someone who sells multiple digital products. When you get your affiliate strategies down, you will be able to make money more quickly. Which is exactly what we want, right?!



In this module, you cover your reader’s expectations; how you can serve them better and more effectively.

Understanding your target audience is core to your business and Michelle covers how you can manage audience expectations and really provide for your fans. There are worksheets in all modules but you should also take notes as you will be more likely to remember what you learned.



In this module you cover all the legal issues that are needed to perform affiliate marketing for readers in US. However, there are rules around the globe, so you must adhere to each countries rules and further research may be necessary. Including appropriate disclaimers are mandatory but Michelle shares where to get those. She’s got you covered boo, don’t worry.



In this module you will start working with a plugin called Pretty Links, it has a free version so you don’t have to use paid version. You will learn techniques like this that are designed to address any customer trust. There are also some methods, like adding bonuses and updating your content, to boost your sales.



In this module, you will come to learn how to make successful reviews also to market through your newsletter list.

Help grow your audience with Constant Contact email marketing

ConvertKit is recommended by Michelle (I also use it) but it’s very expensive. For beginners, Mailer Lite or Constant Contact are good alternatives where you can sign up free.



In this module you will come to understand how you can deal with your manager to get you the most. Also you will come to know the importance to ensure that your links are valid, check your stats, communicate with affiliate manager and optimizing your top 10. You will also get advice to manage your sales during holidays.

This module is good for those who have existing blogs. It has normally general sense info mostly.



In this section you will come to know how to get accepted into affiliate programs although you are a beginner. You come to know what you can do if your blogs get viral, also how to increase your page views and much more. Most of this context came from guest experts but in case you want to learn more about traffic and Pinterest:



Refund policy

You can get a guaranteed refund in 30 days but you have to prove that you go through the material and take action. Being a seller, I think it is completely fair. Especially when you consider the hours and hours of work that goes into creating a large digital product like a course.


Final Thoughts 

Overall, I have got magnificent results although I am pretty much sure that this course will boost more for those who have an existing blog as I had. I was making money already but I just wanted to become more strategic. As a newbie, I think you may get lost. The only barrier in this course is Pinterest that I find is not much able to convert affiliate sales over SEO. An SEO course also helps you with traffic and conversions but of course, the SEO is no use if you don’t have a way of monetising it.

I must repeat that this is not an all in one marketing course, it covers affiliate marketing with bonuses that are incredibly helpful for beginners. It is basically a strategy developed that is worth more than any other affiliate course for a beginner.

Amazon affiliate income

Here are my most recent sales on one program:

I had already increased my affiliate sales within weeks with just with a couple of tweaks.

The course is updating regularly so will always find the most relevant and highly converting information, and being a student you can also get access to the epic Facebook group and Tailwind Tribe.


The Tailwind Tribe is Pretty Cool Tool:

I have many Tailwind accounts for my sites to schedule Pinterest pins as it has an excellent feature called Tribes. It’s basically a private group for Pinners so we can all share fellow students pin images. When you submit pins to the tribe feed and other people share them. I also find great content to share on my page. Since there are a lot of big bloggers in there, it’s a great way to get traffic as a noob!

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You need to be signed up for Tailwind to use the tribes feature.

👉👉👉 Sign up for Tailwind here and get a $15 credit.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing - An honest review