I’ve mentioned this before but everyone wants more traffic to their websites. It’s one of THE biggest things that my tribe talks about and what they NEED to increase sales and income. When I talk about my tribe, I am of course referring to my email list. My mini community who I love! Seriously, I know a lot of them and I make a huge effort to engage with my list.


I’m sure you’ve heard “the money’s in the list” absolutely everywhere. Especially if you’ve been researching how to make money or more sales on your blog.


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The reason the money is in the list is that you should be visiting your subscribers every week with a great email, which builds the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. Your email newsletter subscribers are more likely to buy from you because they KNOW you, they LIKE you and they TRUST you. They’re also more likely to purchase from you if they’ve bought from you before.

Today I’m sharing 3 of the MOST effective ways to build a targeted email list by using a lil technique called ‘viral marketing’.


We’ve all heard about ‘going viral’ and ‘viral marketing’ is about creating content that goes viral. Sounds simple right? Well… straightforward at least.


The best part about using these 3 methods I’m about to share is that:

  • They’re Free
  • Highly targeted (targeted means that your attracting your ideal audience)
  • Give You INSTANT Credibility


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The 3 Proven Ways To Get More Traffic


1. Write ‘Special Reports’


Special Reports are an excellent idea. They are typically PDF documents that will give away for free as an Opt-In (free download in exchange for an email address). The reason they’re so great? It’s because they allow you to go into extreme depth about the problem you will be solving for your targeted reader and offering an affiliate product or your product as the solution.


Website owners are always in search of excellent free stuff to give away to their subscribers. A great tactic is to write a guest post WITH a free download. The website owner gets to advertise your freebie and get the traffic, and you get an email address and potential sales.


They position you as an expert in your field.


ALWAYS ADD YOUR Contact Information and brand, no matter what. That means as your PDF gets shared, you’ve always got the potential of directing people back to your website and turning those people into potential customers.


2. Offer A Free eBook


Free eBooks work great and are quite similar to a free report, just a little bit longer. That’s my opinion anyway! Free ebooks have the same benefits for you as the special report regarding traffic and a potential customer base.


Ebooks also allow you to promote a range of Products and Services within the pages because most free ebooks are usually a compilation of related blog posts or articles that target one particular problem which leaves you room to diversify.


3. Writing Guest Posts


Writing Guest Posts (articles) is probably ONE of the best and most effective ways to reach your target market and produce a wave of traffic to your blog or website. Blog and website owners are always in need of fresh content to share on their websites, and if you offer a free report or ebook you have the potential to reach your perfect customer!


At the end of Guest Posts, there is usually a space to insert your Website information.


You’ve probably seen this advice elsewhere online, and there will be a reason for it. It works. I know it works because I’ve done it!


Offering freebies to other peoples audiences is a great way to put your list building efforts on autopilot. How? Because if you’re willing to write high-quality content to share with other peoples audiences, there’s a high chance you will be accepted.


Not only that but if the information you provide is of high enough quality you will be given instant credibility.


The freebies that you offer will contain YOUR branding and contact details that to your website and the most powerful part? They’re free!

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