Knowing how Pinterest works is essential if you want it to be a successful marketing tool for your business. Utilising Pinterest for business purposes means that you need to create an obvious link between your Pinterest account and your site or store.

Pinterest can serve as the perfect platform for helping you to stand out in the crowd. Speaking as someone who used to work at a stock photography company, images are one of the most powerful marketing tools ever. Humans are very visual by nature and if you can create stunning styled images and perfect pins, then you’ve already won half the battle. With a little elbow grease and Pinterest wizardry, they can help you earn even more money in your biz.

Use Pinterest For Business Like A Pro:


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Pinterest can be HUGE for your business. In fact, it can make it or break it. Since Bloggers everywhere are using Pinterest to their advantage and sharing what they do, it’s difficult to know who they should listen to. With this comprehensive self-paced Pinterest mini-course by your side, you’ll know exactly how to use Pinterest effectively from someone who reaches over 9.8 M-I-L-L-I-O-N pinterest users every single month, gets over 200,000 monthly blog visitors and earns 5 figures each month. All of that when working a couple of hours a day because of chronic medical conditions.



Using Pinterest For Business: Have a camera with you at all times

The best photos to pin are those that you have taken yourself. As the original source of such photos, your link will then be used every time your photo is pinned and repinned by other Pinterest users. Chances are, your smartphone has an amazing camera (this one is hands down, THE best smartphone camera) that you can use. Get familiar with all of the functions and if there’s a Pro option that you can use. If there’s an option to use HDR then use it.


==> To learn more about smartphone photography, I HIGHLY recommend this class from Brit Co!



Install Pinterest Sharing buttons on your site

The majority of social media sharing buttons that you can install on WordPress sites offer some form of Pinterest sharing option.

For Clarity Avenue, I use the SumoMe image sharing options that appear when you drag your mouse over an image.

For Heart Handmade UK I use Social Warfare and AddThis sharing buttons.


Keep A Spreadsheet Of Pins and Images (you can get access to this spreadsheet as an exclusive bonus in the Pinning For Profits 2018 mini-course)

If you have taken some amazing photographs but don’t have any content yet, make sure that you a list of those image names and their location on hand.

Already got content? Excellent! If your website is small right now, then it’s the perfect time to keep a list of pins that you are using.

I use group board spreadsheet trackers to keep track of group boards that I’m part of and any pins that I share in them.

Hopefully, these tips will be enough to equip your business with all the necessary tools and resources for maximizing the marketing opportunities offered by Pinterest.


Essential Step When Using Pinterest For Business; Convert To A Business Account

Signing up to or converting your existing Pinterest Profile to a business account means that you get access to analytics, you can verify your account, create promoted pins and set up Rich Pins.

To set up a Business account click here or convert your existing account right here.


Then, Verify Your Account

Verifying your account is very simple. If you visit your Pinterest account, go up to your face or profile image up in the top right-hand corner and click the ‘settings’ link. Click the profile link that appears in the left-hand column and scroll down to ‘website’, then click ‘confirm website’.

Follow the instructions that follow. You will be required to copy and paste meta code into the tag of your website. Depending on your website, whether or not you use a framework on WordPress, the easiest way to do this is by using a WordPress plugin Insert Headers and Footers. It means that you can add any code, at any time and not be concerned with messing up your site.


Apply For Rich Pins

Rich pins mean that Pinterest can pull information from your website depending on what type of content you are sharing. It means that your pins will be full of ‘rich’ information + your Pinterest description. That gives you a lot more keyword juice and chances of getting found on the platform.

Rich pins are available as:

  • Articles
  • Recipes
  • Products
  • Apps


If you have a blog, then you will set up Article rich pins. A food blogger? Then obviously, you will set up recipe rich pins. The code is different for each type of pin so make it relevant to your website.


To find the code you need, go here.


The easiest method of adding this code is by adding it to ‘Insert Headers and Footers’ plugin before the appropriate tag.


Then you must navigate back to Pinterest and use the Rich Pins Validator to confirm your settings.



What Should You Pin When Using Pinterest For Business Purposes?

It’s always a good idea to keep your images PG13. Don’t share anything that could go against Pinterest rules.

What you should share:
  • Pictures of your products
  • Styled photography shots
  • Behind the scenes photographs; your home office, the production or manufacturing process etc.
  • Infographics
  • Gift Ideas
  • Other people’s content within your niche (community over competition)


Are you ready to finally learn how to use Pinterest for business? Pinterest is an incredible platform to help you get traffic to your blog. If you want to learn the steps to take to get your blog or business to show up on the Pinterest smart feed, to get repinned & help you get sales, click through to read the full guide. #bloggingtips #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #socialmedia #pinterestmarketing #marketing #p4p18 #pinningcourse #pinterestitps #pinningtips #c-ave


When Should You Pin?

If your Pinterest account is brand new, then this doesn’t really come into play just yet. The more important task should be to build up an audience. If you know who your target audience is, you write perfect descriptions for your pins, and start pinning content for them, you will build up an audience in no time.

To find out how to write perfect descriptions for your pins plus everything else related to creating the perfect Pinterest strategy, check out the Pinning For Profits mini course. When you purchase, you can get two free months of Tailwind (for new Tailwind customers only).

When you have an audience, you will want to find out when they’re online. By far, the best tool I’ve found that will help you figure that out is Board Booster. Board Booster will have to publish at least 100 pins to each board you want to optimize.

Another option is to use Tailwind. I love Tailwind. Love them. I highly recommend using Tailwind. When you start using Tailwind, you can use their auto scheduling tool which figures out the perfect times to pin for you. To read more about that, check out this post: *how to use Tailwind post*

Why Should People Repin Your Content?

What can you do to compel repins?

  • Be relevant, and solve problems.
  • Have a catchy headline.
  • Evoke an emotion.
  • Have stunning imagery that begs to be shared.


It’s also important that you make repinning as easy as possible for your customers. Include links or buttons for Follow me on Pinterest or Pin It with every image you have posted in your blog or website. You can get such buttons for free from Pinterest in their Goodies page. As much as possible, including a quick call to action at the end for readers to repin your image or like it in Pinterest.

Master Pinterest Descriptions!

If you’re new to this blog, or new to me in general. I will never, ever shut up about the importance of using keywords and mastering Pinterest SEO. It’s not actually as scary as it seems.


Get your hands on how to master writing Pinterest descriptions like a pro:



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Are you ready to finally learn how to use Pinterest for business? Pinterest is an incredible platform to help you get traffic to your blog. If you want to learn the steps to take to get your blog or business to show up on the Pinterest smart feed, to get repinned & help you get sales, click through to read the full guide. #bloggingtips #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #socialmedia #pinterestmarketing #marketing #p4p18 #pinningcourse #pinterestitps #pinningtips #c-ave


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