Pinterest is my FAVOURITE marketing tool. Hands down. Judging by the reaction to last weeks post, How I Grew My Pinterest Views By 9000% In One Month, a lot of you find Pinterest rather mystifying. One of my first essential blogging tips is all about joining and Tailwind Tribes. They are my “go to” marketing tool because of the potential virality attached. When Group Boards are used strategically, they can drive a LOT of passive traffic back to your blog or shop on a regular basis.


Over the last week, I received a lot of questions in comments and in Facebook groups, the two biggest being,
“How do I find group boards to join?”
“How many group boards are you part of?”
Pinterest drives 100,000 monthly visitors to my craft blog alone. That’s just from Pinterest. I do get traffic from a lot of other sources but Pinterest has the biggest chunk of the pie. Around 70% and that’s all thanks to Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards.

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Blogging Tips To Help You Leverage Group Boards


The first things we need to address are:


What are Tailwind Tribes, what are Group Boards and what is the difference?


A Pinterest Group Board is a board that has multiple contributors, a set of posting rules and a moderator (owner).

Tailwind Tribes are similar to Pinterest group boards only the content you submit is only available to other tribe members who are then tasked with repinning your content (if they choose) to boards that they own on Pinterest.

Regarding traffic, I’ve found both to be invaluable. If you want more blogging tips regarding Pinterest Tailwind Tribes, check out this post and read about how I managed to increase my Pinterest views by 9000


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What You Should Know Before You Join A Group Board:


General Rules and Etiquette:


Group boards should come with their own set of rules, but there are a lot that don’t. If you don’t see rules in the board description then make sure that you follow these rules as a general etiquette guide:


  1. Only pin tall pins (they take up the most space when people are scrolling on mobile, and they will be seen)
  2. REPIN FROM THE BOARD!!!!!!! It’s SO IMPORTANT! I realise I’m screaming, but I don’t know how else I’m supposed to get the message across! It’s one of the most important blogging tips that I can share with you. It increases engagement of the board, improves repin rate and helps everyone.
  3. Don’t flood the board with your pins
  4. Visit the boards regularly to make sure you aren’t duplicating your pins or flooding the board (another of those essential blogging tips).


Group Board Characteristics:


You will want to join boards that

  1. Have a high follower number
  2. Have a contributor number between 20-70; in my experience having too few contributors means you will flood the board way too easily and too many could mean your pins won’t be seen at all.
  3. Make sure that the board you will be contributing too is related to your niche. Otherwise, it’s pointless. Also, as a board owner, there is nothing more infuriating than seeing pins on boards that do not belong there.
  4. You want to make sure the board has a high repin rate. Meaning that pins from that board are likely to be repinned.


How Do I Find Group Boards To Join?


First Option: PinGroupie


There was an excellent website available for a very long time called Unfortunately, it is no longer updated or maintained. It can still be quite a good place to find boards though but you have to do a little more researching yourself to find out how many contributors there are and whether or not the board is still open to contributors.


Pingroupie is like a Group Board directory for all niche’s. You can also use it as a search engine.


Second Option: BoardBooster


I like to use Board Booster to find relevant group boards to join. If you have a Board Booster account (you can sign up for a free trial right here and get access to this extensive list), go to Reports -> Top Group Boards, click on your niche and open some of the top group boards in new tabs. You want to open them in new tabs because some of them are no longer accepting contributors and you want to be able to reference your list again.


Learn how to find and join Pinterest Group Boards via Board Booster. Be sure to check out these blogging tips to help you get even more blog traffic by using Pinterest Group Boards! You can find a large list of Group boards to join here too.

Third Option: Manual Search


This is the easiest option, but you have the least amount of analytical detail so you won’t know if the board you are joining has a high repin rate.




Fourth Option: Facebook Groups


I’ve seen people calling out on Facebook Group boards for advice because they’ve emailed X number of group board owners and haven’t heard anything back. As a group board owner, if the person is in my niche, I will send them a link to my profile, tell them to choose boards and send me a direct message on Pinterest. No muss, no fuss.


There are also specific groups dedicated to group boards. You can join them and search through documents or Facebook threads appropriate to your niche.


I recommend that you join relevant group boards in your niche. Pinning to boards that cover all niches generally means that you will receive a lower repin rate on your pins.


How Do I Join Group Boards:


All group boards should contain instructions within the board description. The very first face that you see in the group board contributors section is the owner of that board. Some people will request that you:


Follow the board or all of the boards that they own. Click on the first face to visit the profile and follow if it’s outlined in the instructions.


Some people will ask that you email, some prefer a direct message on Pinterest (like me because it’s so much easier), others prefer that you comment on one of their pins.


Sending An Email


Emailing can be a pain in the butt because it can take a looooooooong time to hear back. Some people have specific email addresses for Pinterest group board requests and don’t check them for weeks at a time. I know because I was that person until I changed my system.


Sending A Message On Pinterest


Messages are easiest for everyone involved. It’s quick to do on the platform, and you can request to message anyone. If you’re a board owner, you can easily find the contributor when you go to add someone new as the most recent people who messaged you, automatically appear.To send a message to a board owner, find the board owner’s user name which you can find in the URL of their pin profile.


Then you want to navigate to the speech bubble where notifications live and create a new message. Enter the username of the person you want to send a message to and click next.


The little face will appear in the bottom corner, and you can send a message.


Your recipient will get a notification request to accept a message from you and you should hear back from them within a few days, depending on how often they are on the platform.


Commenting on Pins


Leaving a comment, like emailing, can be a pain because it can take a loooooong time to hear anything or receive your invite.


If you have to leave a comment on one of their pins, navigate to the board owner’s profile and click on Pins. Choose the most recent pin and leave a comment using @username for a higher chance of getting your comment noticed.
Some board owners receive email notifications when they receive a comment, other’s do not. I don’t because I don’t want to be tortured with lots of email notifications. If they request comments, hopefully, the notifications are turned on.


If you don’t know what to write when you are reaching out for a group invite, my advice is to:

  • Be complimentary
  • Short and concise, include your email address (that belongs to your pinterest profile),
  • state that you have read the rules and followed the boards (if required)



If there are no instructions for joining the group board:


If there aren’t any instructions for joining then the chances are that the board owner isn’t that concerned with having contributors on the board. There’s also a chance that it is an exclusive group board for contributors to a certain website and are only allowed to pin content from that website.

If I don’t see instructions for joining, then I move along.

Generally speaking, instructions are provided for you or they will clearly state that the board is closed.


Learn how to find and join Pinterest Group Boards via Board Booster. Be sure to check out these blogging tips to help you get even more blog traffic by using Pinterest Group Boards! You can find a large list of Group boards to join here too. #Pinterest #socialmedia #pintereststrategy #c-ave #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur


How Many Group Boards Should I Join?


My goal is to join around 50 group boards, it can take a while to find and join that many boards. Luckily, I stumble across lots of Facebook Group shout outs asking if people want to join their boards and I usually drop my email in there and get an invite sent through pretty quickly.


How To Accept An Invitation:


Invitations for Pinterest Group Boards will appear in the same place that message requests appear, under the Speech Bubble in the ‘Inbox’. All you have to do is hit Accept and the boards will appear at the bottom of your board’s list.


Visit Page 2 For A List Of 95 Group Boards By Niche


Learn how to find and join Pinterest Group Boards via Board Booster. Be sure to check out these blogging tips to help you get even more blog traffic by using Pinterest Group Boards! You can find a large list of Group boards to join here too. #Pinterest #socialmedia #pintereststrategy #c-ave #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur


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