Pinterest templates for Canva should be a NO BRAINER for you and your business. Premade templates will easily supercharge your productivity in the content creation process. If you use Canva over a program like Photoshop, you will save even more time. So, if you’ve never used Photoshop before, Canva is ideal for you.


The 15 Pinterest Templates To Save SO MUCH TIME!

Canva Pro

Canva is definitely much easier to use. Because it isn’t using up RAM on your computer, is the number one reason I love Canva. Above all, you can even upgrade to the Canva pro and upload your custom script fonts!


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Social Media Templates By Bluchic:

Pinterest templates for canva - BluChic Bundle

These are the exact templates that I use and have customised to suit my brand. I love these templates and the fact that you can customize them to match your website colours. Because you can even use custom fonts with Canva for work, so you can really create a cohesive brand style!


“Whether you prefer the monochromatic look, something a bit more feminine the completed templates will look worthy of a professional graphic designer.”


This bundle includes free updates! Because they’re the best. Grab your professionally designed Pinterest pin templates at Bluchic and be confident in the fact that it will make you look like a professional, even if you’re just starting out.


[BEST VALUE] Social Media Bundle via Creative Market

Pinterest templates for canva - Canva social media bundle from CreativeMarket

These chic and modern designs are now available for all you Canva lovers! All items in this pack are optimised to be extremely user-friendly and easily editable. Included in this pack are 70 Instagram stories, 70 Pinterest posts, 40 Instagram posts and 10 Facebook posts.

This bundle includes free updates and all items will be available for download!


[Perfect for ALL Bloggers] Gift Guides Templates via Creative Market:

Gift Guide social media templates

If you create a lot of gift guides on your blog, then these templates are a must! Because if you’re a blogger, influencer or entrepreneur, there’s no doubt you’ll be writing gift guides. They are a great way to get ridiculous amounts of seasonal site traffic to your website and make a little extra moolah over the holidays.

With these 14 Pinterest templates, you’ll be able to drag and drop your product images. Add in your custom copy, and create a stand-out pinnable graphic. Therefore, you’re going to be doing EXACTLY what you have to do on Pinterest!




Dusky Pink and Green Feminine Templates via Creative Market:

Pinterest templates for canva are the best type of Done For You Content. You can customize these Pinterest Templates with your brand colours, images and fonts. For this post I chose 15 excellent templates to help you save time when creating social media ideas for your business. You don't need a degree in graphic design to make your blog go viral. If you’re ready to go viral sooner rather than later, click through and check out these templates! #socialmedia #pinterest #pinteresttemplates #templates #pinterestmarketing #canva

I honestly think that out of this list, apart from the BluChic templates, these are top of my favourites list. By using templates that are well-designed and easy-to-edit, you can quickly create pins. Above all, they will consistently match your brand. Thus, it will help you stand out from the millions of Pins competing for your audience’s attention.


Food Blogger Templates Via Creative Market:

Pinterest templates for canva - Food blogger templates

This template collection is ideal for creative entrepreneurs, no matter the niche. These simple-to-customize templates are a great resource for business owners or anyone looking to boost their ranking on Pinterest’s search engine.

If you are really dedicated to growing your Pinterest account, getting more Pinterest followers and traffic, download the Pinterest description checklist. You can’t go wrong.

Feminine CreativeMarket templates for Pinterest

Feminine Templates via Creative Market:

With this bundle, you receive access to 16 Canva + Photoshop Templates to edit. As with all of the templates included in this listicle, basic familiarity with the program is needed, but it is super easy to learn! So what are you waiting for?!

Two-Tone Templates via Creative Market

Two-Tone Templates via Creative Market:

Save time, reduce tech struggles, and stand out every time you share a graphic on Pinterest! You could also use these on your blog to help create a cohesive design. So obviously, they’re ideal for bloggers, podcasters, or influencers! In other words, anyone who wants to elevate their content and drive traffic via Pinterest.

Vanilla Sky Professionally Designed Templates via Creative Market:

Vanilla Sky Professionally Designed Templates via Creative Market:

If you want to stand out on Pinterest with clean, fresh graphics but just don’t know where to start, then these templates are a perfect solution for you.

Say hello to a quick fix and wave goodbye to the hours wasted in utter frustration.


Pink Passion Templates available on Design Bundles:

Pink Passion Pinterest Templates

In this bundle, you get 30 templates plus 5 bonus quote templates. You can use a drag & drop program like Canva to overlay text onto the templates. The program has a drag-and-drop design tool which is a great way to start designing social graphics.

You also have access to a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts to customize a template. So it covers everything you need to make a stunning design!


The Big Brand Bundle via Design Bundles:

The Big Brand Bundle via Design Bundles

Branding has never been so easy! 150 Templates are included in this bundle!!!! For a steeeal. If you haven’t actually considered your blog as a brand, you can brand yourself in 5 easy steps and be more than confident in how professional your brand is!

Create a beautiful, cohesive look for your social media. You can use your brand’s color palette and images to make these visuals completely unique.

Design does not have to be complicated! Buy the brand bundle and start designing Pinterest pin graphics as a great way to drive traffic to your blog or store.


The Get Noticed Pinterest Bundle via Creative Market

The Get Noticed Pinterest Bundle via Creative Market

Get noticed, get re-pinned, and blow up your website traffic! You CAN do that with these professionally designed layouts styled specifically for Pinterest.

Big bold headlines, strategically intentional layouts and plenty of room to show off your latest lead magnet! It’s all here in the latest Pinterest Bundle from Station Seven.

30 unique templates that are ridiculously easy to use because they can be edited online (for free!).


Travel Blogger Templates

Travel Blogger Templates

Create designs for your social media and blog with these trendy & stylish templates. This template collection is ideal for travel bloggers, Instagram influencers, business owners, female entrepreneurs, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs.

These simple-to-customize templates are a great resource for business owners.


Watercolour Stories Templates

Watercolour Stories Templates

These professionally designed templates are Instagram Story templates BUT you can use them for Pinterest, you just need to crop the bottom after downloading the image. These are an incredibly impressive set of templates and they would be fantastic for an artist or art blog.

Heavenly Hexagon Templates via Creative Market

Heavenly Hexagon Templates via Creative Market

Get these amazing social media templates to look like a true professional and create a long-lasting online presence with your designs. All of these templates are customizable so you can match them to your own branding.


In Conclusion

Whether you just purchase a set of templates or make the smart move and invest in a bundle that covers all of your social media channels, you can’t really go wrong by using these designs. In addition, creating consistency with your brand and making an impact is EXACTLY what you want to do to stand out online.

15 Pinterest Templates For canva to enhance your brand