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Craft Bloggers Handbook


With the help of this book, you can dive in and lay solid foundations to start a professional looking blog full of quality content from the very beginning.




Imagine earning a living by doing what you love from ANYWHERE in the world!

I’ve taken the overwhelm out of starting your blog and I’m giving you the exact blueprint ou need to help you start your blog and learn how to make money from the very beginning.

This ebook will help you kickstart a successful, profitable craft blog. With easy to follow advice and actionable steps from award winning craft blogger Heart Handmade UK.

Over 160 pages to walk you through setting up and marketing a professional looking craft blog.

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  • 180+ Page Ebook
  • Workbook
  • Access to private Facebook Group
Chapter Outline:
  1. What will you blog about?
  2. Choosing a niche when you have no idea why you should
  3. How to choose a hosting package for your needs
  4. Setting it up
  5. Making your blog beautiful
  6. What to do as soon as you set up your WordPress blog
  7. Time management tips for brand new bloggers
  8. Why and how to create an effective editorial calendar
  9. How to write a whole post in less than an hour
  10. Getting traffic to your brand new blog
  11. Email marketing myths you need to stop believing
  12. How you can monetize your craft blog from the very beginning
  13. Final thoughts
  14. Excellent resources to help you scale and grow your blog into a biz.


If you use this book correctly, you will learn why and how you should get really specific with your niche,

Set up WordPress and have a professional looking blog from the very beginning and under 30 minutes.

Find out the most productive way to create blog posts that people are crying out for.

Write a long post in under an hour and how to get traffic to your brand new blog, not to mention how you can monetise from the very beginning.

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