The Clarity Avenue Affiliate Program


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How To Sign Up To The Affiliate Program


The easiest way to get set-up with the Clarity Avenue affiliate program is to fill in this form (you must be a customer before you can become an affiliate and promote a product) I will happily add you.When you want to promote:

  1. Visit SendOwl and log in.
  2. You will see a sidebar with some options, click ‘Programs’.
  3. Find and click ‘Craft Blogger’s Handbook Program’.
  4. Click ‘Click to see affiliate links’
  5. Underneath the ‘Description Link’ is your custom affiliate link, which is what you will need to use so we can track the sale back to you.
  6. If you are sharing on Pinterest, make sure that you don’t use the PrettyLink program, as it’s against Pinterest rules of promoting affiliate links. Feel free to use Pretty Link everywhere else.
  7. Always disclose that it is an affiliate link. You can do that by typing ‘affiliate link’ or ‘#affiliatelink’




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Can I create my own images to promote the eBook?

Absolutely! Download the images above and use them to create your own promotional materials.