Need some web design inspiration? One of the very first decisions we make as entrepreneurs involves designing websites. Usually, you have a vague vision for how your site should look. More often than not, these decisions are based on personal opinions or selections limited to site templates. There are far more important factors to consider that often don’t get considered until it’s too late and involves too much hassle. 

Web Design Inspiration; Designing For Sales, Conversions and Traffic


You may not realize this but many of the successful businesses on the web today have already figured out that the layout of a site is important. It should be as important as the wording you use on your pages.

Web designers can do some amazing things with graphics and colors. Obviously, if you need professional mobile websites, you need a professional solution. After all, having a pretty site does you no good if it doesn’t function well or guide your traffic effectively through your content. Being aware of these will enable you to keep in mind this balance between marketing and design. 


Web Design Inspiration & The three key elements of effective web design; 


COLOR Is Incredibly Influential For Effective Decision Making: 

Striking color can make compelling choices for setting a mood but make sure that there’s plenty of contrast. Nothing too bright as it will encourage visual fatigue and people will simply abandon your site rather than continue. Colors also change appearance on different monitors, so what looks cool and calm on one monitor may be bright and glaring on another. 


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You can really notice the difference between MacBook screens and tablet computers. Check your site on different devices to see how they perform.

Be smart and use color psychology to choose your palette: 


Web Design Inspiration; Use Impressive Graphics

As with color, images that are bold, very striking and pass the ‘squint’ test. My personal squint test involves scrolling through images without focusing properly. If my image stands out even when I’m not paying attention, it’s a winner. 

Graphics for the Brand known as Milkshake via DesignInspiration
via DesignInspiraiton

Avoid flash graphics as much as possible. They’re a bit too distracting if you’re trying to influence through carefully written copy. Even if a visitor to your site is initially impressed by your content, flash elements may subconsciously annoy them. 


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Screenshot of Behance
Find curated interaction design work from cutting edge UI/UX design to detailed iconography via Behance

Web Design Inspiration; The Layout:

As soon as you open a website, the space you can see is known as ‘the first fold’. It is crucial that you include elements like contact info, important menu items and a link to a piece of free content is essential. The free content should be an opt-in offer to get potential customers on your email list. Known as ‘leads’. 

Whatever you do, do NOT place banners here. It makes zero sense to give prime space to another site when a visitor is worth so much more on your email list. 

Essential web design factors that influence your reader
Essential web design factors that influence your reader

Final Word 

Remembering these elements is important when you work with a web design company. If you feel you want them to choose ‘high converting’ design elements and options over personal style, let them know. You can always discuss it and tweak it after. 

Need more clicks and conversions on your site? The layout could be the problem