Why Have a Blog? Do you have the drive to shout about what you love from the rooftops or invite your friends round for a cup of tea and have a great Crafternoon? Want to share your knowledge with people? You need to have a blog.

Those questions I just asked you, count as reasons. Seriously. I can help you figure this out. There are so many excellent reasons to start a blog, so I thought I would write a few down for you!

It’s so simple to set up.

Check here to find out how to set up a blog the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE!

If you *know* you want to have a blog but don’t know what you want to shout about just yet, don’t worry. I’ll cover that next week. Stick around for these 24 excellent reasons to start a blog; you might find some that you haven’t even thought about yet.

You can start a profitable blog for as little as £2.95/month through Siteground, making it one of the cheapest businesses to start.

Really. A super cheap side hustle that you can turn into a career. How could you not want that? £2.95! That’s an insane price.

Like I said, blogging is super simple to set up. If you want just a hobby blog and don’t really plan to generate income, then head to a free blog platform, like wordpress.com or Blogger.

So, Why Have a Blog Anyways?

Blogging takes no experience. Fo’ Reals.

You can be ready to go in about 15 minutes once you know what type of package you want to deal with.

Oh yeah, for those heading to the Blogger.com type blog, you should read my post; 10 things I wish I knew before moving from Blogger to WordPress and how much money I flushed down the toilet.

Most businesses start-up costs are a lot more than the figure I wasted (just to get started with WordPress), whereas with about $150 I could have been ready to go pro!

I just needed some content. **That cost was including bells and whistles really (for my blog), realistically you could be ready to go with about $10 and 20 minutes of your time!

Blogging could be an incredible opportunity for you to change your life!


Yes Really!

There is so much freedom!

You can work from wherever you want and blog about anything your heart desires. Especially crafts. That’s my area of expertise after all. Let me hold your hand.

Sometimes, you can find that you need a little boost added to your life. Things might just feel a little ‘blah’ and ‘meh’.

When that happens to me I try something new, I learn something new, and I start a new project! It just sparks my creativity and injects the vitamin D boost I desperately needed. I also learned about Mindfulness via blogging, and that has completely changed my life.

Once you start writing about a topic that you are passionate about, you find that you’ll begin thinking more intentionally about how you go about your days, being a little more mindful. And everyone needs that in their lives. Particularly in a world where we are stressed 60% of the time, and people are suffering from mental illness now so more than ever.

Sometimes the most meaningful things appear when you are truly relaxed and focusing on something with intention, *blogging* can actually make you a better thinker.

Freedom is a huge reason to start a blog and make it work at producing an income.

There are lots of bloggers who only have to work a few hours a week due to the work they put in at the beginning, building their framework and automation systems so they can earn money while they spend precious time with their families!

Blogging will definitely open you open to new and exciting opportunities!

New experiences are scary and fun at the same time; they help to break routines and make life a little bit more exciting!

Blogging is an excellent way to expose you to these opportunities and experiences.

It might be as simple as tagging someone in a photograph or tweet or having a conversation with one of your blog followers.

You could end up gaining more blog exposure by writing a guest post on someone else’s blog or submitting to a site like craft gawker (if you’re a crafter).

The more you blog, the more it becomes a habit and gets under your skin.

You will love it!

You’ll inspire a lot of people.

This was the number one reason I started a blog.

I started heart handmade UK back in 2010 before Pinterest came along. I had a few other blogs, but I wanted something dedicated to fabulous home decor, incredible craft tutorials and lots and lots of inspiration.

The more I learned about blogging, the more I wanted to create DIY tutorials and document the fact that I was a beginner crafter at the time and learning new skills all the time through online classes.

Blogging can help you find your voice

Writing blog posts is inspiring. You’ll start to see ideas all around you.

With blogging, you are free to write on any topic that you are truly passionate about and when you have a passion for something you should write with enthusiasm!

It isn’t like school, where you are forced to work on something you have zero interest in.

When you blog, you have the tremendous freedom and discovery you have always craved!

On your blogging journey, you will discover who you are, what actually interests you and how you can add value to your follower’s lives. And do not be afraid to voice your personality! That’s what people will come back for *your* voice. For a long time, I was scared to use my voice that you know what… I like that I’m a weirdo.

You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset.

As a blogger, you can introduce a topic that you feel really passionate about, or you think your readers will love.

You take the time to craft a post, and your readers have the opportunity to respond, either via comments or social media. The responses can give you greater insight into what works and what doesn’t. Expanding your own views on the subject and maybe even changing them completely!

Have you been wondering

You can help people

The most important reason to start a blog, for me at least, is that you get a very real opportunity to help people. So many people complain that their job isn’t going to change the world in a positive way and doesn’t give them any job satisfaction.

Your expertise can be a huge help to your readers – even if it’s just solving one simple problem that you can expand on over time.You’ll become more confident (even if you’re a quiet mouse)

You’ll become more comfortable being known, more confident sharing your personality with thousands of people.

You may overcome some fears; fear of public speaking being overcome by releasing podcasts or hosting webinars. Every positive comment will cement the confidence you’ve been building and empower you to move forward and build your dream.

Blogging is a challenge.

It’s hard work. It’s exciting, and you will develop some serious skills in a short amount of time. You’re likely to get a real buzz from seeing your blog grow and rocking all the blog goals you set! You will learn new things (those awesome skills I was just talking about.)

Blogging is a learning experience.

You will learn what copywriting is all about, how to develop strategies and you get to watch them work, how to use social media as a business and how to grow a loyal tribe.

Most importantly you will learn about yourself; how you handle your goals, make decisions, manage your strategies, your grown up homework and how you interact with your readers! All of these things can increase your happiness because you achieve something. Well, several somethings.

You will become a better writer.

Blogging will not force you to become a better writer, it will just happen over time and you *can* learn to enjoy the process. I was always very paranoid about people reading what I wrote, I still am to some extent, but it has become a lot easier. Reading will also help you develop better writing skills, the more you read, the better you will get.

You can potentially change the world.

Really?! Yes, Really.

I’ve been blogging for a long time (11 years now), and I’ve seen so many blog posts blow up, start new movements and actually make a change for the better.

It can lead to healthier life habits on a daily basis!

Blogging requires time & commitment. Learning your blogging process can help you develop a routine and reading other blogs can help you discover the best things to do to streamline your blogging process.

How you record your ideas and content calendar and even learning about the best tea’s to drink or food to eat that will help your brain can improve your life!

Blogging can reduce stress.

It can also cause it if you let it. To avoid that I recommend practising mindfulness or just meditation in general. Blogging is not the answer for everyone but, along with meditation, a healthy diet and regular exercise, writing can be very therapeutic.

You can make new friends! And join some fabulous tribes. I know this might seem a little strange to some people but making new friends when you are an adult is actually quite hard. Especially if you’re an introvert, who would rather hang out on the couch with the cat.

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve met several gorgeous ladies who I consider friends. It’s nice knowing that there are people out there that you can swap stories with, complaints, services, you name it, your friendship could benefit both of you!

So many people are telling you how to start a blog (including me) but do you know why you should start your own blog? Read 25 Reasons why you need to start a blog

You could potentially become an expert at something!

Having a blog allows you to develop your thoughts and skills within the niche you have chosen. If you are consistent with your blog, it’s content and social media, then over time, you will learn a lot and hone those skills. This can build a unique expertise, which can lead to brand new opportunities!

You could potentially share your ideas with thousands and thousands of people!

The key this is to create consistent, high-quality content that people find interesting and want to share. It’s not actually that difficult if you start out with something that really interests you.

You are more likely to strive if you are covering topics that are of interest to you. That was the case for me at least, especially in school! If I loved something, I was awesome at it. The best thing about blogging is that there are zero rules.

If you find something interesting, even if it is super niche, it is likely that it will be interesting to someone else as well and that someone is likely to save a pin or tweet about an excellent piece of content they found on their favourite topic! Woot!

You can build your own, recognisable online brand

Blogging is an excellent way to build an online brand. Why the heck do you need to build a brand? Well, if you want to do this for the rest of your life and earn a living from it, you need to build a brand that people can resonate with. Being consistent with your blogging can open up incredible business opportunities; like writing a book or joining a ‘brand family’ (like Martha Stewart’s Craft Circle). One of the best ways to build your brand is to post amazing on a regular basis. And share amazing content on a regular basis that is within your niche.

A Blog can transform an existing Brand

You might already have your own online store, whether it’s self-hosted or on eBay, you’ve essentially already got a brand, you can use blogging as a means of setting you apart from the competition and becoming more recognizable.

Become great at content marketing, both on your blog and social media channels, to get the word out about you and what you do.

Using a really personal approach make people more inclined to share your content and hence, potentially increasing sales. But that’s actually moving on to my next point!

It can grow your existing businesses, even if you have a brick

and mortar store.

Think of a blog, with fabulous content, as a way for you to connect with potential customers.

Pinterest is swarming with people doing this. Furniture companies are receiving more orders via phone or internet ordering for custom products because their amazing blog photography has reached so many people!

Having a blog can lead to more success on social media channels.

The people who do really well on sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, seem to have their brand based on a website or blog already.

If you thought that maybe your business would be fine with just using social media to connect with customers, I don’t know if you realise how much business you are potentially missing out on when you don’t have a blog.

So if you want to have success on social networking sites (for whatever reason), you should consider adding a useful and unique blog into the mix.

Give people a chance to subscribe to something else, like a product or a newsletter and make sure you are present and vocal, so people know you are there!

You can make cash money money, cash money!

60% of businesses who blog get more customers, according to a HubSpot survey. When you become known for a particular topic, you could get picked up by the search engines, and people who are looking for expertise in that area will eventually reach out to you. This will result in new and exciting career and business opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possibilities.

You don’t need to be a business to earn money

There’s a chance that you don’t want to earn large amounts of revenue. You can always monetize your blog and have it as a side hustle. Earning a full-time income is entirely possible. And the longer you wait to start your blog, the more money you are leaving on the table.

One last reason is dependent on you having a website or business already.

Having a blog will increase your site’s Google rankings.

Adding a blog to that site is possibly one of the best things you can do for your business. Why the heck should I care? Well guess what, each blog post gets indexed separately on Google. That means you have the unique opportunity to customise the SEO of every blog post to get targeted visitors to your site. The more you post, the more opportunities arise to get more targeted traffic and potential customers! Boom!

Time for the recap!

25 Excellent Reasons To Start A Blog:

  1. It’s so simple to set up. Seriously.
  2. Blogging requires zero experience to start.
  3. It could possibly be a fantastic opportunity for you to change your life!
  4. Freedom is a huge reason to start a blog and make it work at producing an income.
  5. Blogging will definitely open you open to new and exciting opportunities!
  6. You’ll inspire a lot of people.
  7. Blogging can help you find your voice
  8. You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset.
  9. You can help so many people which is so rewarding!
  10. You’ll be made more confident (even if you’re a quiet mouse)
  11. Blogging is a challenge.
  12. You will become a better writer.
  13. There’s a chance you could change the world
  14. It can lead to healthier life habits on a daily basis!
  15. Blogging can reduce stress.
  16. You can make new friends! And join some fabulous tribes
  17. You’ll become an expert at something!
  18. You could potentially share your ideas with thousands and thousands of people!
  19. Build your own, recognizable online brand
  20. A Blog can transform an existing Brand
  21. It can grow your existing businesses, even if you have a brick and mortar store.
  22. Having a blog can lead to more success on social media channels (which you can also monetise).
  23. You can make cash money money, cash money!
  24. And you don’t need to be a business to earn money.
  25. Having a blog will increase your website’s Google rankings.

Are you convinced yet? Go visit this post to find out all you need to know about setting up your new blog.